Hello, Humidity!

My first thought when I started running today was that I should have posted yesterday.

Yesterday I had one of those great runs that makes you glad you are a runner - aches dissipated and people were smiling and singing along the running trail. Singing? Yes! : )

And I didn't think a post about today's run would be nearly as happy. It's the same old story... Hello, Humidity!

But then I crossed the street to run on the bike trail (south side of Memorial, for you locals) and the new sights helped. It was woodsy and quiet. After a couple of miles, I crossed the street again to run on the usual trail where I felt safer. I'll try that bike trail again when there are more people on it.

After awhile, the humidity didn't bother me and I was able to speed up. You never know what will happen on a run. Sometimes you just can't speed it up and sometimes you can. Maybe it was because I took in more fuel than usual: Gatorade every two miles except for mile four where I had Gu and water. Maybe it was the short rain shower that cooled me off. The run started out feeling so hard, but it ended up easier. Not easy, but better than it was when I started.

Today's run:

  • 2 mile warm-up
  • 7 miles easy (relatively speaking)
  • 1 mile cool-down

I took an ice bath afterwards - I was so hot (about 80* outside). While I was chillin' (!), I looked through a local magazine and came across an article about a house in my neighborhood I ran by today. Now I know what it looks like inside - very artsy!


  1. Oh Paleeaaase!
    I think we may have exagerated
    just a tad in that last post about
    the motorcycle ride...hmmm?

    It was a nice ride, only a couple of small bumps and we got to park closer to the starting line than anyone else. Tell the truth to your readers. You secretly want your own motorcycle don't you?

  2. Uhhh, not so much! To both questions!

    See what happens when you let your husband know that you have a blog?!

    Oh, wait! He talked me into having a blog. He thought it would be a fine way for me to get all of my running talk out of my system! Too bad I always have more!

  3. We'll trade you the 80 and humid for what we have :(
    Snowing sideways, icy everywhere and COLD. Would you like to take us up???!!!

    Glad you had a nice run!

  4. Would freezing temperatures make me faster? : )

  5. Funny! My hubby has to endure the unending talk about running and my blog hasn't helped him either. Still so much to say.

  6. It probably would. You would have your scheduled workout and you would want to get it done REAL quick so you could get back to your nice, warm, cozy home. Yep, you would be faster.

  7. Nice run! I love the humidity!!

  8. Cute banter between you and hubby. Maybe you were exaggerating but it makes a better story. Yes, in the cooler weather you would run better. I go through that each summer when its hot and I feel soooo slow. You are already a very strong runner. Imagine if you could race in a cooler condition. YOu'd blow everyone away.

  9. Uh, yeah, Mark, and I love hills!

    Christina, today is a cool one. Hope to be speedier!

  10. Fun run, neat pictures and I love Eric's comment! Too funny!

  11. I am totally enjoying the cooler temps here in Tennessee.

    Why can't every run be one of great ones? But, I guess if they were all good, we wouldn't appreciate them!


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