A Great 9 Miler!

After a two mile warm-up and two fast miles (goal: marathon pace) with a four minute slow-run rest in between the miles, I ate three Clif Shot Bloks. Yay, candy break!

Then I ran two faster miles (goal: 1/2 marathon pace) with a four minute slow-run rest in between the miles. Towards the end of the first mile, I saw some Army men standing and waiting with stop watches. I imagined that they were timing me and I ran faster. What?! You don't make up silly stories to help yourself run faster?! And a little later I saw Army runners coming towards me. They ran in boots and long pants (humid today and about 80*). Go, Army, go! That was my fastest mile!

I ran easy for four minutes and a runner just happened to slowly jog up beside me and start running fast just as my watch beeped: Go! So there we were racing down the path together! We were side by side until the other runner suddenly stopped to walk. Seemed like a good time to turn around and say, "Come on!" So I did. The other runner laughed! : )

I finished that last fast mile and reached for my wash cloth to wipe the sweat from my face (I cut one in thirds and tucked the cloth over my waist band), but it wasn't there. I turned around to look for it and felt for it again. This time I found it. It had slipped under my waist band! I stuck it in my pocket. I ran another mile or so, forgot I had stuck it in my pocket and thought I had lost it again! I think I was tired!

You know we moved to a new house a couple of weeks ago, right? Well, today I finished my run by running up my next door neighbor's driveway - the one just before you get to my house. It was a good way to finish my 9 miler: with a laugh!

(Maybe I should add that I don't live in a neighborhood where all of the houses look the same, but on my behalf, I have to also add that my house is right beside my neighbor's driveway. So there you go!)


  1. That's so funny, good thing you didn't just walk in. :)

  2. That's for sure! Thanks for the laugh, Wendy! = )

  3. You are cracking me up! I think of all kinds of silly things when I run too!

  4. Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  5. Yes, I think silly things too - I imagine myself actually winning a race with Rocky music playing in the background! LOL!
    K :-)

  6. your creativeness keeps you moving (fast!) at least! i would've started to worry about ya though had you gone any longer... delusional? ;) jk jk.

  7. Yeah, maybe I should have titled this post "The Run Where I Thought I Lost It, But I Didn't (Twice) & Then I Ran Home to the Wrong House So Maybe I Did Lose It After All"! Kind of long, though. ; )


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