Great Pumpkin Fun Run 5K

I just got a 5K PR! Chip time: 23:32.

Yesterday I signed up for the Great Pumpkin Fun Run 5K because it sounded like a fun way to get my 5K pace tempo run done.

This morning, I drove into downtown Houston, shivering from the chilly 52 degrees. I parked and ran towards the start line with the race map in my hand. With only 15 minutes to find the start line, that was my warm-up.

I had a few things I wanted to do today and I actually did them all!
  • Hit start and stop on my Garmin when I cross the mats.
  • Start closer to the front.
  • Beat my PR of 24:01.
  • Run a 7:36 average pace.
  • Even if it feels really hard, keep running strong!
In the first mile, a purple grape and Superman both passed me and then I actually passed Superman in the last mile! And you know he was running faster than a speeding bullet! ; )

Part of the race route was on the half marathon route I ran last Sunday and the running route I ran yesterday so the streets were familiar. So were the hills! I only had to run up a couple today, though.

Near the end, we ran up a steep hill and I heard my name called out. I knew it was a friend I had seen just before the start. Thanks to her I must have cut my time by at least five seconds!

Finally, I was close to the finish line and I saw 23:32 on the race clock - such a bea-u-t-i-ful sight!

Splits: 7:30, 7:37, 7:40, and last 0.11 mile at 7:06. Average: 7:35. Garmin finish time: 23:33.


  1. great job on the PR!!

  2. Yay!! Congatulations! Awesome time!

  3. WAY TO GO!! Happy Halloween.

  4. Woo Hoo! Great job, Tina!

  5. TINA, great job!! Deena would be proud, I'm sure it was the arm exercises that you did...right??!! I can't believe you passed Superman, that's amazing. Go girl, you accomplished all of your goals for the race...Happy Halloween!

  6. Tina, Tina, Tina congrats on that 5k. That is great, and on hills. You will be so ready to BQ in Jan. Yay!

  7. You go girl! Great job!!! When I first read the post I had totally forgotten that it was Halloween so when I read you past a purple grape and superman, for a brief moment I though you had gone delusional lol =)I'm in awe of your split great race!

  8. Awesome job! That's a big PR in 5K time! It'll be hard to erase your Garmin!

  9. congrats on the pr and hitting all your goals!! what a perfect race day!


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