A Humid 8.6 Miles

First of all, the humidity here in Houston was a big deal if you were outside this morning - it felt like 90-93*. Hot!

I stepped onto the road in front of my house and headed towards the park. A few runners ran by and I wondered how they could run so fast on such a hot day. I ran onto the park loop and I was glad that I wasn't the only one running in the heat.

I ran down the path to the downhill/uphill portion of the loop. The rest of the Memorial Park loop is flat, and today this is where I planned to get a little hard work in. I ran the downhill/uphill part 4 times (fairly fast) finishing with (fairly fast) strides at the end of each one on a flat part.

I was drenched in sweat and it was running into my eyes. I forgot to bring a wash cloth (I cut one in thirds for running with). I saw someone with a towel and thought, I'd pay her for that, but I didn't have any money. Probably a good thing!

I ran back around the rest of the loop and stopped at the refrigerated water fountain at the tennis courts. There was a runner standing there stretching. She looked at me and said one word, "Humid!"



  1. So fall hasn't hit your area yet? Hope it cools down a bit!

  2. i am soo thankful for the break in temps these past ~2 weeks. i don't know what i would do if summer was dragging on in the 80s/90s (+ humidity!) april-september is long enough, ya know?

  3. I think we're going to get some cooler weather soon. Can't wait!

  4. i hear ya on that humidity! it's tough!! you are doing awesome. i am living through your posts right now! :)


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