My Happy Foot

Here are my comfy ASICS 1140's I wore today on my pain-free 6.56 mile run. : ) I only meant to run 6 miles, but I forgot to keep an eye on how many miles I had run when I was running up and down the hills.

That was the last part of my workout, though. I started with a warm-up and then I ran for 25 minutes starting slowly and ending at a faster pace. And then, a few hills.

But let me tell you how my morning started. (I'm really going backwards this morning!) My hubby found me at the computer (we just moved into a teeny-tiny house and somehow it's hard to find each other!) and he told me to be careful on my run.

"Oh yeah, I'll come back if it hurts," I told him. But he wasn't talking about my foot. He was talking about the heat! So he left for work and I started running down the street. It felt so humid - about 80*. My foot felt fine, but I forgot my wash cloth to wipe my sweaty face. My visor felt like it was strangling my brain! I turned around at the 0.05 mile point and ran home.

I took off my visor and grabbed my wash cloth and my fuel belt. I filled it with three bottles of cold Gatorade and got back out there. You didn't think I had quit, did you?! ; )

I ran to the park, did my workout and ran back home exhausted, but happy. No pain today! And I only noticed the humidity at the beginning and the end of my run. There were so many other things to think about today: my foot (at the beginning), pace, hills, sweat pouring off my eyelashes. Glad I had that wash cloth!


  1. so glad to hear you had a pain free run!

  2. Whoo hoo for great runs!

  3. So glad that foot is cooperating today. We can deal with the humidity, but we do not have time for foot pain.

    I am sure I have mentioned it, but I am BIG on ice. If I feel a tweak, I start to ice. Seems to be effective, thankfully, I keep running and running. Shoes are always my first thought too.

  4. So happy your foot is okay. I NEVER thought you'd quit. Good thing you had a wash cloth!

  5. glad your foot held up ok, hopefully for good!

  6. I hope you foot pain is gone for good!

  7. How sweet of your husband to be so concerned! I love that. Those ASICS look exactly like my current shoes, but I'm not positive mine are 1140's. I never remember those small details. I'm so excited to see on your sidebar that the 1/2 marathon is in 9 days. Whoohoo! You seem so ready to me and I know you will do awesome.

  8. Brenda, I like the concern, too! Glad to see you're still in the blogging world even if you're not posting. Let me know if you get back to posting so I can visit. Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. you, quit? NO WAY!! glad you made it through the humidity happy! that can be a challenge in and of itself!


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