Racewear & New Chip

Have you seen the new chips like the one on my shoe? I can keep it after the race, but I don't think I'll leave it on my shoe like I did the small round one I received at the '08 Houston marathon. This one is kind of big.

That other one was on a retired running shoe that I wore to my first visit with my new dentist a couple of weeks ago. He saw it when I was up in the chair and asked me about marathons. I had the water tube in my mouth and a couple of hands in there, too, but somehow I managed to tell him all about running marathons. Well, he asked!

The weather forecast for the Houston Half Marathon race day keeps getting warmer (66-80* that day) so I'm dressing for warm weather. See my race day outfit on Winnie the Pooh? Original layout? No?

I'm hoping the colors will make me easy to spot. That's what I thought when I wore an orange shirt, too. I was wrong. Orange was very in!

I ran four miles this morning and it was a chilly 53 degrees. I don't think I really warmed up until after the run when I ate my hot oatmeal. I like this cool weather!


  1. Clever way to display your race gear, I laughed out loud. Very unexpected!
    I actually like those race tags better than the skinny tape ones, I'm always worried I creased the tape in the wrong place.
    GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, can't wait to hear all about the race!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't seen the chip you get to keep...I have seen the "D" tags that you can keep but they are basically paper. Winnie looks good in running gear.

  3. D'oh. GOOD LUCK on your race.

  4. Good luck on your race!!! Love pooh modeling your race outfit!

  5. Hi Tina!!

    Yep I ran my first half 2 weeks ago. Best day ever :) I signed up for the disney half a loooooooong time ago lol not thinking that I will have to train for a half in the middle of the winter in NY!

  6. Go Tina! Make sure to have lots of fun! Love Winnie!!!
    K :-)

  7. You are too cute! Pooh looks good in your outfit! Very original! ;)

    GOOD LUCK on your race tomorrow morning! You are going to do awesome. I can't wait to hear about it!

  8. Pooh is high tech with that Garmin. Too cute! I like the round plastic chips that Houston used this year Jan. 2009, it's probably the same as 2008. I too kept it on my shoe as a great reminder of the race.

    Run smart, run fast, have fun on the run.

  9. Tomorrow's the day! I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited!

    I just read all of your comments again. And the ones you've left all week, too! Encouraging! : )

    Meg & Suzy- Yes, this chip is much better than those flimsy paper/D tags.

    Manderz- You can check K's Happy Trails blog for winter running clothes ideas!

    Kate- I hope you're getting plenty of rest so you can come back strong!

    Ginny- Too bad we didn't meet at the marathon in Houston!

  10. I'm getting here a little late on Saturday night, so chances are you might not read my comment. But I'm joining in with the others wishing you good luck on your race and hope you have lots of fun!

  11. Got it, Brenda! Thanks! Perfect timing - race morning!


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