Speedwork Before the Half Marathon

I ran over to the park, got a drink of water at the tennis courts and crossed the street to the 1/4 mile track, a new place for me. One speedster just finished flying around the track and left. So, clockwise or counter-clockwise? Inside or outside lane? I don't know what the 'rules' are, but I went with counter-clockwise (that's what the last runner did) and middle lane, unless I was passing and there was room on the inside lane.

I 'sort of' followed this plan: run 5 x 800m. with 90 second rests with the first and last at the fastest pace and the middle one at the slowest pace.

My minute/mile pace for the 800's along with interesting details ; ) :
  • 7:49
  • 7:10 I saw someone I recognized during this one and waved. Yeah, I'm running at a 7:10 pace and I can wave, too!
  • 8:01 See what happens when you brag?! Let that be a lesson to me!
  • 7:31
  • 7:20 Started this one smiling (because it's the last one), but ended up looking very, um, let's just say focused and driven. Yeah, it's supposed to be hard! It was!

Nice and cool this morning - 55-60 degrees and that really helps with the speed. I hope it's a good thing to cut the miles down, but keep working hard in this pre-race week.

Had a minor pain on the top of my right foot (not the left like last week) so I iced it after the run. Tip: make sure that your frozen pea bag is tightly closed before putting it on your foot. Excuse me, I need to clean a few peas off of the floor now.


  1. If I did speedwork, that looks like an arrangement I could do - simple and get'er done! Yes, SEALED frozen veggies or blueberries work great for icing down body parts!

  2. Great speed work! Hope your foot feels better, thanks for the reminder on the pea bag!

  3. I'm learning so much about speedwork from you! Thank you SO much! (Taking notes in my running journal so I can try them after this marathon - if I get better!)

    That's funny about the peas - not so if you step on them! ;)

  4. Nice tip about the peas! So funny!

  5. nice job on the intervals! i've heard that you should cut back on mileage but maintain some of the intensity during taper. so, sounds good to me!

    in my opinion the 'rules' of the track are mainly for slower people/walkers to stay to the outside... but in my experience walkers prefer to get all up in the way. as far as direction, i don't think it really matters which way you go - as long as you aren't trying to swim upstream on a crowded track :)


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