Taper Week Mid-Week WO

Today I ran my last hard run before the Koala/Luke’s Houston Half Marathon this Sunday. I wanted to run two half marathon paced miles sandwiched between two warm-up and two cool-down miles, but the humidity slowed me down to closer to marathon pace.

If it's humid on race day, I'll need to revise my goals. Maybe I could just call it a long marathon paced training run. But really, whether it's humid or not, race days are fun days and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments!


  1. Good luck on Sunday! Hopefully it will not be humid. I will be thinking about you on Sunday!

  2. It's weird to see that your counter says there are only three more days! You're ready! Once again, what are you wearing??

  3. Well, I'll probably wear my Asics 1140 shoes, black shorts and my light blue short sleeved '08 Houston marathon tech shirt. But if it's humid, I'll wear my pink sleeveless shirt I wore to the 4th of July 5K. Way down on the bottom in my blog sidebar, I'm wearing those same shorts and shirts. They're comfortable. : )

  4. What's the predicted forecast for the race? (not that it's reliable) What's your goal if the weather is nice?

    Wishing good weather your way.

  5. Good luck, good luck, good luck!

  6. I found your blog through Ginny's (Happy Feet 26.2). Have Enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck with your taper! Cheers!

  7. Welcome, Jennifer! It's always fun to see a first time commenter!

    Ginny, my main race goal is to PR - beat 1:50:57. I think I'm posting about the weather today. But if I change my mind, the low is supposed to be 63 with some clouds. Yay for clouds!

    Thanks again, Everybody, for all the kind words sent my way!


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