Wildlife On My Run

I've been told to look out for coyotes in Memorial Park. Each morning when I start out running on the woodsy part of the trail, I look into the trees for coyotes, wondering if they'd watch me run by or if they'd run away. Once I saw one at Memorial Park in Sugar Land (Houston suburbs). It stood quietly watching as I ran by.

At the end of my five mile run this morning I saw something that I couldn't quite figure out trying to cross the street from the park into my neighborhood. I got out my camera phone, just in case it was photo-worthy. I got two pictures of the armadillo before it took off into the trees at the park - my first time to see an armadillo at Memorial Park in Houston - probably the first of many.


  1. Wow, armadillos? Are they shy?

  2. How cool is that?!?! Are you going to post the picture?

  3. Armadillos always seem to be busy hunting for bugs, I think. This one wasn't interested in me until I got too close and then it scurried away.

    I added the picture. Should have done it before, but it's a little blurry. Oh well! (Haven't yet looked into whether/how I can transfer photos from my camera to my computer.) They're funny looking little creatures!

  4. Hi Tina, I just had to de-lurk on this post. I see armadillos all the time on my runs and honestly they creep me out, its their beady eyes and pointy nose I guess=) I can hear the coyotes on the trails near my house but I hope not to see one too close. I did see a large fox not to long ago on a morning run and it just ran a short distance away, not far enough for me. I know I sound like a scaredy-cat, but I kept thinking of the story of that runner in Canada who was attacked by a fox. Even so I wouldn't trade running in the great outdoors for anything!

  5. LOL! You don't like armadillos?! Terri, thanks for the chuckle!


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