10K Race Report

Yesterday I finally ran a six mile tempo run at 10K pace - in the form of a race. I ran my first 10K, the Houston 17th Annual 2009 Sheltering Arms Turkey Trot! The race results can be found here. I'm bib number 2033.

Before the race, I ran easy for ten minutes. It felt good to run because I was cold - it was 46*. At the beginning of the race, there wasn't any problem with going out too fast because it was too crowded for speed. I didn't even get up to an 8:00 pace until the 0.3 mile mark. I stayed steady for the first five miles and then sped up a bit in the sixth mile.

It was in the sixth mile that one runner said something about pumpkin pie (Happy Thanksgiving!), but the thought of eating anything sounded anything but good at that point. Another runner encouraged me with "Go, Green!" (thanks to my green shirt). One runner yelled out "Push!" long and loud as he and the rest of us were closing in on the finish line. With that, I forgot how tired I was and finished with a smile!

According to my Garmin, I ran 6.29 miles in 49:02 with an average pace of 7:47. My mile splits were 7:48, 7:53, 7:51, 7:50, 7:49, and 7:40, with 7:20 for the last portion.

I waited around until 10:30 (the race started at 8) and even then the results ended up being passed around on many, many sheets of paper! I've never seen anything like it and I never did find myself listed. I'll post my chip time later, if I get one, but at least I have my Garmin time. Monday update: my chip time was 49:01.

Pre-race fuel: Cranberry Walnut Muffins
During: Nothing
Post: Strawberry-kiwi juice, banana, bran muffin, and for protein: the meat out of two kolaches (a roll with a tiny piece of meat inside) and finally some chocolate milk I had brought


  1. Tina - that's a great time. What do you think about the 10k distance. Or should I ask in a few more days?

  2. Good to read that you got your tempo run in! How fun to do it in the form of a 10K race. The cranberry walnut muffins sound wonderful.

  3. Ginny, I like the 10K distance. One thing I like about it is that you run it slower than a 5K. Sure, it's longer, but not too long.

  4. Great time on your 10k!!

  5. Nice run and really good time. Glad you had fun!!! Did you use the new Garmin???

  6. Nice job Tina. I love the part when people yelled for you and you finished with a smile. It's so neat the way the little things can make you push on and end happily! Congrats!

  7. Oh, yeah, my new Garmin worked great! It doesn't have a 'last mile pace' screen option, though, so I just keep an eye on the average pace (for the whole run) instead, but it worked out fine.

    Thanks, Bloggy Friends, for stopping by and leaving such nice comments! : )

  8. Way to go, that's an awesome time!

  9. Nice job -- that's a great time!

  10. Later, I found the 'last mile average pace' screen on my Garmin, so just ignore what I said in my comment about that.


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