18 Miles: Done!

The park trail was quieter than normal. Perhaps we were all thinking of yesterday's Fort Hood tragedy so close to home.

I ran without music, only listening to my breathing and my feet hit the dirt. Midway through when I felt tired, I looked at people's faces instead of the path. A woman smiled, her long white hair blowing in the breeze.

Another runner ran behind me for miles. When I didn't hear her feet hit the ground, I wondered if I'd lost her. Come on, runner! Don't quit! She didn't. In fact, she ran ahead when I stopped for water. Too bad I couldn't catch up!

I tried to because my goal was 4 MP miles (8:47), but I could only reach 9:09, 8:57, 9:15 and 8:51 (this was mile 17). I used vanilla orange Roctane Gu today. The temperature climbed from 53 to 68* - great at first, but a little warm later. Maybe the extra sodium in Roctane gel (125 mg.) was helpful.

18 miles: done! And besides missing the MP goal, a small cut on my ankle and two tiny blisters, despite my thick Drymax socks, it was a good run if only because I finished.


  1. Great job Tina!

    Have you read Advanced Marathoning? I just finished reading it and it is really good! I think it will help me get faster. There are a lot of good training plans in there!

  2. Yes, I even have that book. A good one! You're right, there are some good plans in there. I've used some of them: 55 miles/18 weeks and the one for 8 weeks (or so) between two marathons.

    That taught me that I need more than 7 weeks between marathons! Seattle Marathon '08 and then 7 weeks later Houston Marathon '09. Ugh!

  3. Good job, Tina!!!

  4. How do you like the Roctane Gu's?

  5. The orange Roctane tastes good. Did it make a difference? I dunno!

    What about the Boston marathon registration closing in a couple of weeks you mentioned in your post? Don't you usu. have 'til Feb?

  6. Nice job on the 18 miler! I love just listening to my breathing and footsteps. It's soothing.

  7. Great job with the 18 miler! Your pacing, although you wanted faster, seems right on.

  8. I know I've just gotten back to running but I'm no where close to doing an 18 miler yet so you are really doing well and you have 2+ months to go. You are doing very well.

  9. You are amazing! Great job!

    Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hi.

  10. Great Job on the run! I've yet to try the GU Roctane that everyone talks about! Good Luck in your marathon training! I've enjoyed reading about it!

  11. nice job on the long run! i love the vanilla orange roctane. (the new pineapple flavor, i am on the rocks about still)


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