4 Mile Tempo Run

I did a four mile tempo run today - four miles at half marathon pace without stopping.

I had hoped to get down to 10K pace (7:52), but I was happy that at least I got down to 1/2 MP (8:20). I was probably running a step or two below all-out - like I think I should for a tempo run. I've tried to think of some good excuses for my lack of rapidity.

But I couldn't come up with one. That's okay. : ) Maybe next week I'll get down to 10K pace for a tempo run.

Pic: I ran on this trail on the way to my usual park trail loop over the weekend.


  1. It's so hard to hit the 10k pace for those tempo runs! I just finally, barely got there last week. It was NOT easy but I keep trying, just like you! Nice job, Tina!

  2. Beautiful trail pic! So peaceful ....

  3. wow, your 1/2 pace is quicker than my dream pace.... time will tell, I suppose!

    great job, though, seriously!!!

  4. Great pic. Tempo runs are so hard for me. I think I finally had a break through when I continued to do them consistently this summer before St. George. The break through was late in my training. Keep on running them. It will pay off for sure.

  5. THanks, for all the encouraging remarks on my blog!! The workout that helped me with the pushups was the 100 pushup challenge. Even though I probably won't ever be able to do 100 it did help with my fitness test.

  6. Great tempo run!! They are hard to do (at least I've never figured them out). Love the pic of the park you ran through...it looks like a beautiful run.

  7. I agree with Meg it seems like it takes a while but then it all falls into place and the body responds to all that hard work.You don't need any excuses for your lack of rapidity because you are NOT lacking in rapidity!
    Beautiful trail.

  8. Love the trail!
    Houston is coming up fast, I know you'll be ready!

  9. tempo is almost always a tough run to hit! hitting half-marathon pace is solid though, nicely done :)

  10. What a great run! I am like you, trying to work on these tempo runs!


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