5 Mile Tempo Run

Time for another tempo run... Once again, I tried to get down to 7:52 for four miles.

I started out with a two mile warm-up. Then I sped up hoping to run four fast miles. In the first tempo mile I only got down to 8:15 so I decided to run five fast miles instead of only four. It sounds like some kind of punishment, but it really wasn't!

Then I ran the second tempo mile at 7:51. This was good, but it was hard to do. The last part of the mile I had one thought: stop at the next water fountain. That helped.

Word of the day? Persevere! I reminded myself to keep going, not to stop. Per-se-vere! Per-se-vere!

Tempo miles 3 and 4 were run at 8:01 and 8:16. When I saw the 8:16, it made me try really hard to speed up.

I can do anything for 8 minutes. I can run fast for 6 minutes. I can do this for four minutes. The last and fifth tempo mile was tough. Pace: 7:49.

So I ran two goal pace miles this week. Not my goal, but it's two miles better than I did last week so that's good.

Pic: Please pardon the trail dirt! Just wanted to show how I had to adjust my shoe last week - tucking the shoe tongue under the laces so that it wouldn't rub on a tiny scab on my leg. The scab is nearly healed now and I didn't have to tuck the tongue in today.


  1. Okay the fact you could run those tempo miles that fast with the tongue of your shoes tucked in like that should merit you at least a 15-30 second bonus per mile!
    You are really progressing Tina! I see it in your post from week to week. Your last two runs have shown true perseverance!

  2. Great job on the fast run! Tempo runs are always tough for me.

  3. Trail dirt is good! You did great on your tempo miles. They are always hard but the reaped benefits really will start to show. Keep up the great work!

  4. Yep, just stick with it. It took me three weeks to be able to pick it up to what I'm "supposed" to be doing. I wasn't sure if I'd get there but I did follow your advice and persevered...thanks for the reminder!

  5. Tempos are ALWAYS so hard for me. Way to go! Your hard work will pay off for sure.

  6. tempos are tough! i wouldn't call those other 3 miles a waste - you were still pushing it and the effort will pay off as you continue training. the pace will come down - stick with it!

  7. Way to focus on the good! Two tempo goal pace miles are definitely better than none. Ive had many a tempo run hitting zero miles at goal pace! Great Job!


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