Can You Hear Me Now?

I'm not anti-ear phones, but I'm thinking about running my next marathon without them - for the extra challenge. Yeah, just running a marathon is not enough of a challenge! ; ) Anyway, I ran 20 miles a couple of weeks ago sans music. It really wasn't any harder, but I had to slowly wean myself off of the music.

And there's the sweat in my ears. After very long, hot runs, my ears fill up with sweat making it hard to hear. I could do without that. After races, to stretch your body in all sorts of crazy ways - that's normal, but to shake your head hard to one side to get the sweat out of your ears - kind of funny. ; )

Today I was running down the street behind a walker who was wearing ear phones when she started walking into the middle of the street. I had to tell her three times that there was a car behind us before she heard me and got out of the way, shocked to see the car right behind her.

Today's accomplishments: Ran 9 miles at a 9:06/mi. average and saved one life. ; ) (Sometimes I exaggerate!)

Photo at top: Costume contest entrants at the 10K race on Thanksgiving Day. I'm not in the picture, but look for Prefontaine (!) on the right and the High-tech Texan at the microphone.


  1. I've been running more and more without music, but generally I have someone to talk to. In my marathon next Saturday (marathon #2), I plan to hold off until I REALLY need it. Last time, I didn't have music until mile 21.

  2. You're such a modest hero! I don't race with music but I love training with it and I do know it's not safe, especially around here with the traffic.
    Wow, you saved a life!!

  3. Yikes, that is scary!

  4. I've never run a marathon, but I do most of my outdoor running without music. It is nice to listed to what is going on around you. GL going w/o music.

  5. Wendy gave me a good tip about the ipod. Save it after mile 10 as a treat - pick me upper. I like how RunnerMom was able to hold off until mile 21! Great ideas!


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