Garmin Forerunner 310XT

There's my new Garmin Forerunner 310XT! That's how I wear it when I run - backwards. Besides, you could see photos of the front of it all over the net, but how many folks show you the back of it?! ; )

My Garmin 205 wasn't working right. Memories of the January 2008 marathon ran through my head and there weren't any sugar plum fairies floating around - just my Garmin 205 that said my pace was great when it really wasn't.

So Monday when I was at Luke's Locker for the 10K race sign up, they showed me some new Garmin watches. I liked the way the 310XT fit on my small wrist. With the 310XT, you can view four data fields on one screen in easy-to-read numbers and there's a vibration alert for mile markers (or any distance you like) - helpful during a noisy race. There's a $50 rebate on it.

Unfortunately, the 405 didn't fit my wrist as well as the 310XT. I probably would have had to put my Velcro strap on.

Tuesday I went back and bought myself a Christmas present... My husband's idea and a very good one at that! And today my new Garmin 310XT and I ran exactly 5.0 miles at an easy pace, except for when I sped up to warm up because 40 degrees is kind of chilly and my toes were starting to go numb!

I'm running my first 10K tomorrow! Any tips for this first-timer?

12/15/09 Update: If you want to see the pace of your previous mile pop up in a small window as you finish each mile on the Garmin 310XT, set the auto lap for 1 mile and turn off the distance alert.


  1. Hope you have a great race tomorrow!

  2. tips: ENJOY!! don't go out as fast as you would for a 5k (that's always my mistake!) Save it for the end!

    Love the back of the 310XT! Glad you didn't get the 405, I keep hearing complaints about that one!

  3. I seriously think you are sooo wise for getting a new one. I don't like to mess with things like pace.... I am a control freak that way. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Wow! I am surprised this will be your first 10k. I agree with Heather, don't go out too fast. Also, don't finish too fast, that way it will be easier to PR next time. Ha Ha

    Have fun! Can't wait to here the review.

  5. Nice early Christmas gift; thankfully you didn't have to get up at 5AM with the masses tomorrow to score a deal :).

    Good luck on your run...and Happy Thanksgiving!

    btw, I LOVE your blog :)

  6. Have a fun race tomorrow, love the Garmin band, haven't seen it from that view!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Yay for a new Garmin! That is interesting that you wear it backwards. I wear mine on my right hand even though I am right handed.

  8. I had to check out your tip for the Garmin. I too have mine set to autolap and then I can see all my mile splits. I also have the auto pause set up adn one day would like to try running with the virtual running partner.

  9. Anonymous1/06/2010

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

    1. I kept this spam because it made some pretty good points. Ha, ha!

  10. I got my 310XT a few weeks ago and I'm having the same problem that you described....My wrist is tiny. I wear the 310 on the 3rd to the last hole of the band and it's hitting my wrist bone. Painful during long runs. I tried my old 405 velcro strap but it's a tad bit too long and doesnt hold the watch snuggly. I've been hoping that Garmin would come out with a velcro model. But so far... it hasn't happened. I think I'll try wearing it backwards. I guess you don't have any issues with signal loss?

  11. TJ- I don't think I've had problems with signal loss because I've been wearing it backwards. If you try it, I hope it helps!


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