Garmin Woes

I ran 16 1/4 miles or so today. My Garmin Forerunner 205 lost the satellites numerous times, showed my pace was crazy fast and crazy slow and finally stopped adding miles even though I was still running. I was able to figure out my distance because I ran a route I'm used to. I had a goal of running 16 miles. The last four were supposed to be faster. I can only hope!

I reset my Garmin and updated the software. I'll see how it acts tomorrow. Hopefully, it was only a fluke.

If not, I'm looking at the 310XT (I like the four data fields at one time) or maybe the 305, but I don't know. I wonder if the 305 gets better satellite reception than the 205, which I have.

I think I took a Powerbar gel around mile 4, 8 and 11 (meant to take one at 12, but my Garmin said 12 when I hadn't run 12 yet, and I didn't figure it out in time). Bad Garmin! It also told me I ran a 6:57 mile.

Silly Garmin! If you're gonna lie to me to make me feel fast, you're gonna have to make it a little more believable than that 'cause that's just way too fast for me!

Now I wonder if I should run 5-6 with hills tomorrow and an easy 5 on Wednesday, or what. Little decisions that don't matter in the big scheme of things! Ah, the little ones are so much better than the big ones!

Picture: close to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 10K race start


  1. 305 is identical to the 205, just with a HR monitor added.

  2. I hope he/she behaves for your run tomorrow. That frustrates me! Have fun with hills if you decide to do all the way up!

  3. I have the 305 and I love it! It's fault is that it's really big, but if that doesn't bother you and yours still isn't working, go for it!

  4. I'm asking for the 305 for Christmas but I have also looked at the 310XT. The XT is waterproof. I have heard of satellite issues before but don't know what causes them... Even with the Garmin issues still sounds like a really good run.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Turkey Trot run!

  5. I have the 305 and love it! My old one started having issues and she is now retired!

  6. I have the 305 and I love it. I have great reception, but some of my friends seem to have some minor issues with reception.

    Take it easy, save yourself for the 10k, and then have some fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'm running a half on Sat. and the weather is supposed to be cold - which is good for me. Excited!

  7. I have been using the 310XT for quite some time and I really love the battery life on it. I can spend an entire day of hiking and still have battery left. I have not really had any satellite issues.


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