Homemade Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers
I bought some black tights with a gray paisley design at Marshall's for $7 and cut off the toes and the top section. I'll probably hem the edges later, if I'm not too lazy. ; )

It was a rainy and cold 50* this morning so I slid my arm warmers on, took a picture and was off down the road for an 11 mile run.

My arm warmers worked great. I slid them down over my hands at first. Brr... I slid them up high when I was warm and I slid them off and tied them around my waist when I was hot. They stayed in place on my arms the whole time and I don't think I sweat any more than I do when I wear my running gloves which are probably made with a special fabric, especially since I took them off when I warmed up.

Seven mile tempo run today... I didn't set my Garmin right (still learning!), so I don't know my mile splits, but that's okay. The point was to warm-up, run 4 hard miles, run for 5 minutes easy, run 3 miles hard and cool-down. And that I did!

Updated on 11/10/10: I never hemmed the arm warmers and they've been through many machine washes without a problem.


  1. Love your homemade arm warmers!! And, you can't go wrong spending $7 on them. I love it when other runners smile, it is so encouraging.

  2. Great idea!

    Houston is just around the corner - so excited for you!

  3. LOVE the home made arm warmers, great idea!!!

  4. Creative for sure, and I love to save some $$$'s

  5. What a great idea on the arm warmers! I'm going to try that!
    I love smiling runners, they are inspiring no matter what the age!!

  6. Love the arm warmers, such a great idea!

  7. very creative! glad they are working well for you :) love the frugality

  8. Hi Tina! 4 is the best on the report cards. I wish I could give them all 4s!

  9. what a fantastic idea! i am going to copy you!! i've been wanting a pair but don't want to drop 15 bucks... i have some tights i can cut and do that with. so excited!

    glad to hear how awesome you are doing. you are so inspiring to me!


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