Tinalocks and the Three Hills

Once upon a time, there was a runner named Tinalocks. One morning, after some easy running, she went for a drive in Houston in search of a hill. She wanted to be able to outrun that big, bad wolf her friend had warned her about. She knew that hillwork would help.

Soon, Tinalocks came upon a hill. She ran up the hill, but it was too rocky.

Tinalocks ran to a second hill beside the bayou (pronounced BYE-oe in these here parts! and it's a river) and tried it, too, but it was too quiet there.

On her way home, Tinalocks came upon a third hill. She zigzagged up the smooth sidewalk three times. This hill was just right!

A little tired now, Tinalocks went home and ate some Apple Oatmeal, which wasn't too hot or too cold, but just right. The end!

P.S. Last Friday, I really did visit three hills. Today, I drove straight to the one that was just right.


  1. Who knew finding a hill could be so hard? Glad you went right to the hill that was just right today.

  2. Super cute! I guess I never really thought about Houston being flat!

  3. Funny!! Glad you found the just right hill!:)

  4. At least you're not "Over the hill!"

  5. Cute! (If the sidewalk is concrete, I hope Tinalocks is very careful. Being in a large city you are probably totally used to running on it, but me, I avoid it like the plague for training.)

    Those hills are going to get Tinalocks to Boston for sure.

  6. Ginny, great point! Next time, I'll try to run on the grass beside the sidewalk. Thanks!

  7. i think you're the first person i know to go in search of hills to run... :)


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