18 & 9-1-1

Today when I was in the last half mile of my 18 mile run, my cell phone rang. Was that the police officer calling me back? Maybe I better back up a bit...

I ran two miles, got a drink at the park water fountain and crossed the street when someone back on the other side of the street yelled out to me, asking if I had a phone.

I looked over to see a small crowd looking at me, standing beside some cars. The lady told me that they had been in an accident, ran out of gas and didn't have a phone. Would I call the police for them?

I called and then I ran up and down the hills, pushing hard. And then my phone rang. I tried not to sound out of breath. The police officer needed more directions because he couldn't find the car from just the cross-streets. I wondered if I'd been tricked and if they'd driven off. How much trouble would I be in for a false alarm? I'm usually not a trouble-maker!

When I ran back to the street where the people-in-distress had been, I was happy to see a police officer there and the people, too, with their damaged car - glad they'd been found and that they truly had a problem.

Over and over again, I ran on the flat loop, crossed the street, ran up and down the bridge and down Memorial drive, running on more of the Houston marathon route than I normally do. My average pace for the run was 9:12, but best of all is that I never had an 'I can't do this' moment, feeling strong for the whole 18 mile run.

Oh, that phone call in the last half mile? It was only my eye doctor. My contacts are in. 8 )

Photo: Pine cones along the park trail.

Garmin update: Now I can see my average pace for my previous mile as I finish each one. I learned the trick yesterday and updated my Garmin Forerunner 310XT post.


  1. 18 miles? Nice! Wish I could run 18 miles at your pace. Aren't Garmin's a great thing? I've had the 305 for the past year and love its features.

  2. Lovely pinecones, so nice that you noticed them! I'm glad the people were helped and everything worked out! Nice, strong run!

  3. 18 miles mid week! i am jealous :) i never have that kind of time!! heck i can barely make myself do that on the weekend...

    glad everything went OK with the people/car accident.

  4. Marathon Man, don't know which is best - knowing my pace or the number of miles I ran. Those Garmins are great, once you get them figured out!

    Meg and Lindsay, I'm glad the park/accident worked out, too. I've got to be cautious here in the city. Last week, a man asked us for $12 for a tow, he said. But when we flagged a policeman down to help him, he suddenly didn't even need a free push. Hmm...

  5. Nice work on the 18 miles!
    Definitely stay cautious -- it's great that you were able to help people who really needed it, though.


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