20 Chilly Miles

The short story: I ran a 20 mile progression run (ran faster in the later miles) mostly on a three mile loop in 45 - 50 degrees (felt like 40 - 43). Have I mentioned the cold wind yet?

And the long story...

Last night, the weatherman said it might actually snow on Friday (long run day) so I decided to run 20 miles today.

I wore my Spibelt which held three gels, my phone and two tissues and was comfortable around my waist.

At mile 14.4 I wanted to quit, for not really the first time, but it was the worst time. It was cold and windy and sometimes I was even hot. I was tired of running. I ate my gel early and got a drink. Okay, why am I doing this? I want to! And I am not giving up! Ok, pity party over and done with!

Just then a speedster ran by. See? Just do what she's doing!

And then I realized that I was on my way home. There's something wonderful about knowing that you've almost finished running 20 miles. I ran the last five miles the fastest of all. Hello 8:43-9:03 pace! I felt better than I had miles before. Today's average pace: 9:10/mile.

After that cold run, came the Winter Torture Device - the ice bath!


  1. Way to stick it out and finish! Great run!

  2. holy moly! nicely done - on the pace and sticking it out through the cold, chilly weather! brr winter temps, and these weren't even that extreme! (...yet)

    yeah, ice baths are not enjoyable at all in the winter!

  3. Great job with the 20 miler! I almost burst with a feeling of accomplishment. I always want to tell any runner/person as I'm running it that I'm almost done and how many miles I ran.

  4. Nice job! It's tough to get the long runs in when it is cold. Way to do it!

  5. Now that's a great long run! I love when I can finish faster. I concentrated on that a LOT this fall and finally managed to do it a few times. Feels awesome to finish strong! Great job!

  6. Way to stay with it and finish your 20 miler!! You are awesome. And...you got snow. Yippy.

  7. Great pace!

    Love spibelts! I'm always amazed how much stuff I can cram into mine.


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