8 Mile Tempo Run

After a two mile warm-up, I ate a gel, got a drink of water and started off down the path for an 8 mile tempo run. Today I didn't start off like I was running a 5K like I did last week. Maybe I'm learning! Tempo miles 1 & 2 - 8:10, 8:16/mile.

In the third tempo mile, a runner was just behind me. I could hear her steps and we ran fast like that for awhile, helping each other, maybe? Then I checked my Garmin and saw that I was running at a 7 something pace. Gasp! Maybe I'm not learning anything after all! I knew I couldn't keep that up for long and wisdom overcame the desire to run fast for a short distance. Or maybe it was exhaustion. Tempo miles 3 & 4 - 7:52, 8:14/mile.

The last four tempo miles were the hardest. Knowing that the first half of my tempo run went well and that I only had about one three mile loop to run around helped - just one loop left! Maybe stopping for a quick drink and a gel helped, too. When I saw a man running backwards who ran right into a tree, it shocked me, but he easily turned himself around and just kept on running with his friend. Must have been a joke! Tempo miles 5 - 8 - 8:28, 8:31, 8:20 (happiness!) and 8:27/mile.

The temperature rose from 43 - 57* and I ended up having to roll my pants up like capris and hang my gloves on my waist. I ran 12 miles with 8 tempo miles at 1/2 marathon pace. I beat the 8:20 goal by 3 seconds for an 8:17 average for the tempo run. It was a good way to start the week.
Photo: Galleria Mall Christmas tree


  1. Great job on the tempo - super speedy!! I am completely envious, I have serious tempo run issues. Gotta love the weather!!!

  2. Hey, that was NO joke! Some prefer to run backwards, it's a new trend...kind of like barefoot running.
    Great run on your tempo. They must be getting easier for you, way to go Tina.

  3. The part where he ran into a tree, though- I hope that was a planned joke to make his running friend laugh.: )

    It looked like it would hurt, but some people will do anything for a joke!

    Or maybe it's just something you get used to when running backwards!

  4. Running backwards is supposed to balance your legs out - of course, hitting a tree probably defeats the purpose!! Glad you had a nice tempo workout as it can be hard just to sneak in a workout this time of year. Merry Christmas!

  5. Great tempo run! I am starting to really enjoy tempo runs!

    What nice weather you are having!

  6. nice job on the tempo run! i always think of you lately when i do mine :) you are an inspiration!

  7. Great job hitting (beating!) your pace on the tempo run.


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