BQ Questions

I've got two questions for you.

The 2010 Boston marathon is full. Wah! Wah! OK, I'm over it! ; )

I'm 44 and will turn 45 next October. The qualifying time for a 44yo woman is 3:50 and for a 45yo is 4:00.

The qualifying results you get from late September (for example: 2009) until the next year around November (for example: 2010) or whenever the marathon fills up will be good for the next Boston marathon (for example: 2011) and the next (2012). Am I right on this part?

When I turn 45 in 2010, even if I qualified when I was 44 (like in January '10 at the Houston marathon), I only need to qualify with a 4 hour time to run in 2011 or 2012. Am I right on this? 'Cause when I cross the finish line, I want to know if I BQ'ed and I might not make it in 3:50. I've read the FAQ page at the Boston marathon site and it looks like I've got it right.

I'm still trying for 3:50. I'm not giving up!


  1. Sounds like you've got it down about the qualifying and the dates! YES you can do 3:50! I tell you, it's all about the tempo runs and the long runs on the weekends...make sure you're running a solid 7 mile tempo at your 1/2 marathon pace a couple of weeks before the marathon. It works, you'll do it!! I did an over 4 hour marathon for my first marathon and then qualified the next, just from the tempo runs, I KNOW IT! You've checked the McMillian pacing chart right?

  2. Thanks, Meg! I'll be sure to put that 7 mile tempo run on my schedule.

  3. You can DO IT!
    And can you believe y'all are supposed to get snow??? It snowed here this morning and we all flipped out. Snow!

  4. I didn't know you had snow! I'm ready for it... I think!

    Is snow very cold to run in?! I want to run about 10 miles on Friday.

  5. I got a little confused by your question, but I still know the answer because we are the same age. :) You qualify for Boston based on the age you will be during the Boston Marathon you want to run in (e.g. 2011). The part that confused me is that I don't think you can qualify for 2012 in January of 2010; I'm not positive but I think you can only qualify about 18 months before the Boston date. Also, the qualifying time for age 45 is actually 4:00:59... :) Hmmm...guess I should have tried that 7-mile tempo run...too late now!

  6. You can do 3:50!! So excited for you!

  7. Kristin, thanks for making that point about the 18 months! So a January 2010 BQ only gets you into Boston in 2011 (since 2010 is full) and you've only got 18 months. Now I think I'm all cleared up!

  8. i am not sure exactly on the 'rules' - they are pretty muddy!

    i thought though, that a late-fall qualifier (say, 2009) counted towards the next year (2010) and the year after (2011). i don't think they've factored in whether or not the next year's race was full or not (like it is now), but maybe they will account for that in the future?

    also, i haven't encountered the age-group change yet, so i have no clue there. sounds like you are right though that you can run a sub-4 and it count for a boston when you are officially 45. however, i know you'll get the 3:50 anyway so this question does not really need to be answered :)

  9. I learned that it was closed a couple weeks ago and was also disappointed. But it did give me a sense of relief too that I have a full year to qualify (although I thought that last year too).

    Whatever age you are in the year you plan to run is what you need to qualify for.

  10. Yes, that's right, you'd need a 4-hour - it's the time you'd be on RACE DAY :).

    You have 18 months to enter Boston after qualifying so these fall and early winter races are good for two years. Double smilie there :):).

    Go for the 3:50 though, you can do it!

  11. You can do 3:50! I hope you are enjoying the snow! My company has an office in Houston and they closed a few hours ago because of the weather!

  12. Tina - you can SSOOOOOO run 3:50. Meg is right, tempo runs. I had many factors that helped at St. George, but tempos were a BIG part of it. I think. I made sure to be consistent with them leading up to race day. On my schedule I had a tempo every 9 days.


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