BSIM & Hills

I signed up for the Big Sur International Marathon last night! We're going to a family reunion in CA the day before the BSIM.
Great timing!

So today when I was running on the Memorial Park trail, I crossed the street to a new hilly path (too bad it's concrete) and ran up and down the hill slowly. Have you heard about all of the hills at the BSIM? I'll go back later this week to run up and down the hill faster.

My hillwork plan is simple... Run hills at least once a week. Increase the number of hills I run up and the length of the hill as my training continues. How do you do hillwork?

Today's workout: 8 easy miles followed by weight work
Photo: runner on the snowy trail in Houston last Friday
Just came across this article on hills:


  1. We get no choice - Colorado is all hills. But start with the runnable ones until you get your legs used to the effort. Then start adding some steeper ones that might make you walk every once and a while. You will be surprised after a few weeks how much better you get on hills. Also a bit jealous - we love that Big Sur/Carmel area!!! Have fun training.

  2. Big Sur will be amazing! That one is on my list. My husband's job interferes with that one right now, but one day I will be able to run it! You lucky lady! I have read several race reports from people that have run it. It sounds just beautiful! I love Northern CA!

    I am so jealous that you ran in shorts this morning! It is a freezing drizzly mess here!

  3. Tina,
    I just read your race report from Houston 2008. I am curious, how did you manage to PR by so much time? I am looking for advice to get my time down!


  4. I'll write up a post about it and put it up soon, but the short answer is: I ran more miles for the '08 marathon.

    Great question, esp. since I'm running a bit dry on blogging material!

  5. love the snow pictures! houston of all places - go figure! the more i read about hills and hill training, the more i'm convinced that's what got to my ITB. plus the roads and sidewalks too were a bit cambered. so, definitely don't do outdoor hills daily! as always, you amaze me!

  6. And YEAH for signing up for the Big Sur marathon! We drove up and down Hwy 1 last Sept. from Point Reyes to Big Sur. It's beee-uuuu-tiful!!! The scenery itself will make time go by so fast!

  7. It's pretty flat in Dallas so it's hard to get in any REAL hill work. One day a week I do a rolling hill workout in a somewhat hilly neighborhood. Every couple of weeks Ill pick a good long steep hill and do 2 min hill repeats. Hard up, slow jog back down. I'll do 10 of these. I've heard Big Sur is amazing; congratulations!!!

  8. Jealous! I love that area and I have a whole list of hilly marathons that I plan to run post Boston and when I can no longer run a pr which may be soon or may be NOW. Ha!

    Hills - I run hill repeats up the hill, this fall I added down hill repeats, I run a series of hills on dirt that is almost 1 mile (the billboard run), I run long runs on hills, short runs on hills - hills, hills, hills. In fact, this fall, I would say 85% of my running was on hills to prep for St. George and I plan to do the same for Boston.
    So excited that you will get to run BSM. Be sure to make a lot of mental notes so that I can get a detailed course report. One day I will run it too.

  9. I did Big Sur in '08. If you are on FB, I have a slew of pictures out there from the race. Drop dead gorgeous...also the most physically challening I've ever endured! Can't wait to read about your journey getting there!! Holler if you have any questions about it!!

  10. I would love to do the Big Sur marathon one day. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!!! Good luck with the training!

  11. That's great!

    I can't avoid hills. It is super hilly where I live so my regular routes all have tons of hills in them.

  12. LUCKY DOG!!! That is one marathon that I would LOVE to do someday. John said it's a great one because there's no pressure to get a certain time....definitely NOT a pr just run to enjoy the scenery and running.

    Glad your training's going so well! I've got 16 planned for Saturday =))


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