Christmas Time

Last night my husband and I went to Rice University for a music concert and enjoyed seeing wonderful displays of Christmas lights on the way home. Then today I ate peppermint bark cheesecake - the best cheesecake I've ever had - and watched some costumed children ice skating at the Galleria mall. We're enjoying some of the special things that are only around at Christmas time.

I ran 12 miles yesterday and I ran 7.5 miles today. I heard one person describe the weather as a mess, but I liked it - almost 50 with a drizzle. I wasn't too hot or too cold, but just right and I was wearing shorts!

It's great to be surrounded by runners when I first start out running down my street. When I'm alone, my thoughts tend to be, I'll warm up soon, I hope, but not today. There was a group of maybe 100 runners all coming towards me within about three blocks, many of them greeting me - a happy way to start my day.

About posting miles and pace on my blog... I know that I like reading detailed running reports on your blogs. Running Friends, you're always inspiring me!


  1. Ok Tina - I LOVE cheesecake!!! That picture was so yummy looking I almost licked my monitor!!! LOL!

  2. that cheesecake looks AMAZING! And I'm not a huge cheesecake fan either, but I'd try that ! YUM!

  3. Okay, that cheesecake is making my mouth water!!! Yum-E!!!!

    Just catching up on your blog...sitting here waiting to run my marathon tomorrow and it's sooo nice to read how everyone is out there doing their running thing...helps ease the mind. :)

  4. Oh gosh, I would love a piece of that cheesecake! By the way, I enjoy your paces and details on mileage but I get bored posting my own! Often I think, "Oh, Tina might like to know about this..." Truly, I think that! Thanks for blogging and for being so encouraging!

  5. mmm that cheesecake! yummmm.

    nice job on the running!

  6. That looks very, very good and I see in your last post that you "had" to be a dessert tester. You're right, someone had to do it.

    I find your comment interesting about posting paces and distances. I have sometimes felt like maybe I come across as flaunting it or being better than I am so I haven't always included it. But I'm like you, that I enjoy reading those numbers and seeing how someone is improving or being able to relate to them or hope to be running those paces. I think if they can do it, then I can do it too.

  7. WOW!! That dessert looks yummy! Way to go on your recent runs!


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