Gingerbread House

What a difference the sunshine makes! We had great running weather with temps climbing to the mid-forties. I was comfortable wearing two shirts, pants and gloves.

I ran two miles to the park water fountain and then it was time for the hard work. My goal: to run three marathon paced miles (8:47). Then I ran easy for a mile and ran three marathon paced miles again.

The first time I did this, my Garmin was turned off for two of the three miles - user error I think. I think I did fine, but I know that I hit my goal the second time around. I wish running the marathon paced miles had felt easier, though - like I was out for an easy-paced run.

I ran over to the bridge and did eight one-minute-uphills at 5K effort. I'm glad the goal was to run at 5k effort and not 5k pace! I meant to do more hills, but I ran out of time. I had a great 12.5 mile run! Have a merry weekend!

Photo: My gingerbread GU house masterpiece. You've seen it here first! All the rest are only imitations!


  1. ♥ your gingerbread house!

    merry christmas to you, tina!
    you're awesome!

  2. You're right Tina, I've never seen a Gu house, EVER! You should send that to them, it's impressive. Are those little cookies standing by the door? Too creative girl! Nice the 5k "effort" term!

  3. That Gingerbread Gu house RULES!!! Good job on the hill work - is the effort getting any easier?

  4. Niiiiiiice gingerbread house!! You should turn that into GU. I had a friend write to them about wanting Peanut Butter GU and they sent her a really nice note back. Might be fun!

  5. your gingerbread house is awesome!! too cute.

    nice job pushing goal MP. for me those paces feel so much easier when i do them in a race -- maybe you can sign up for a 5k or 10k every now and then? (run a warmup and then aim for your goal pace as your race pace?)

  6. ok it's 5:15 Sunday night and I'm still working (multi-tasking - machines running and catching up on the blogs). I'm a wee bit jealous of your gingerbread gu building time. It's fantastic!

  7. You should send the Gu company your picture.

  8. Super cute gingerbread house! I love it!

  9. I know it's late but I just had to comment on the gingerbread house! I am coveting that house=) I am totally stealing this idea next Christmas=) I am inspired by your creativity!

  10. NICE - Love the gingerbread house! I actually have gingerbread GU but haven't cracked into it yet :)

  11. Anonymous2/18/2011

    Tina I love your GU Gingerbread house. SO cute and creative. I actually work for GU Energy Labs, we love to see pictures of our fans using GU in creative ways. Email me at and I will be sure to send you some GU for your creativity!

    Best, Eleanor


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