I Love Lucy Show

I met my husband for lunch at Cane's fast food restaurant. When I arrived, he had our food at the table.

The last time we were there, they gave our lunch to the guy who came in after us, who had the same name as my husband. So today he came up with a unique name for himself - Fred Mertz.

My husband sat down and waited for our food. After awhile, he heard them call out Fred Martinez a few times. Finally, he walked up to the counter and found out that they had written Fred Mertz on the receipt, but they were still calling my husband Fred Martinez! I'm just glad that I got my lunch!

But what about today's run? I splashed through the puddles in my neighborhood and the park for 6 rainy miles of puddlework. I wore shorts, but halfway through, my legs were starting to feel numb. Yesterday we had the same temp and shorts were fine, but I ran faster yesterday and it wasn't raining. Today I was a nearly freezing (40* out there), muddy runner. Next time - pants!

~Ethel Mertz ; )


  1. Brrr! Wet and cold, sounds chilly! I loved your funny lunch story and at least you got your lunch! I hope your runs warm up and I hope you stay dry!

  2. Way to run, Ethel!!Hope it warms up...

  3. I'm glad you got your lunch too. All those miles, you need fuel. I laughed when you posted you will be topping out @ 65 miles, not to out do me, but 65 is a good place to stop. I agree, in fact, the week I topped out @ 63, the plan was 65. Can't remember what happened, but in the end I decided 63 would work. Go Tina Go!


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