My 1st 5 Marathons

Years ago, I read about a woman who ran a marathon and I thought, Wow! I wonder if I could run one of those someday, too? Finally, I did run my first marathon in '06. I had one goal - to finish! I finished in 5:07. I was a marathoner!

In '07, I ran my second marathon hoping to beat 5:07. Did it! 4:58 finish! (Pre-blogging days so there aren't any posts to link to.)

Then in January '08, I got a 3:54 finish! Maybe because...
  • I ran more miles (1739 in '07 vs. 1442 in '06). My weekly highs got up to 55, averaging about 40-50 (vs. 30-40 in '06).
  • I ran three 20 milers (vs. 2 in 2006).
  • I started doing some speedwork in '07.

Then I ran two more marathons. When I ran the hilly Seattle '08 marathon, I had high hopes for a 3:50. Instead I came away with a 4:10 finish. A good time, but no PR or BQ. Still, I did have a great family vacation.

The Houston '09 marathon was only seven weeks later. I had foot trouble so, just like the first one, I was happy just to finish the marathon (5:08).

After I finished my first marathon, I wanted to run another one, but to run it better - that's faster, but smarter, too. I feel the same way every single time I finish one! It's a fun challenge!

Photo: There I am in the last stretch of the '08 Houston marathon. The high-fiving kids along the sidelines make you feel special.


  1. That's awesome, Tina!

    I think I need to follow your example (more speedwork, more 20 milers, etc.), if I want to run better times.

  2. Thanks, Wendy!

    After looking over my running journals to write the post, I might learn something about what works for me and it also might give other runners some ideas, too.

    Hope so!

  3. it's always fun to look back on previous races and training - especially with the journey each marathon is! you've learned many lessons and know what training schedule/runs you like - i know you will continue to be successful at the distance for many years to come :)

  4. Wow, it's exciting to revisit where we started and how far we've come! I feel like you do every time I finish a marathon and it's been better for me each time. There's always so much to learn and it never ends!

  5. Oops, I forgot to give you the website to find the long run pace chart that we used today. It's on Pete Pfitizinger-Training Information For Runners-Optimal Marathon Training. It's under "Sample Long Run Paces." They also have great advice on tapering and speed work. We aren't using his training calendar but this long run pace chart is helpful. Good luck with it!

  6. Meg, I'll read that before my long run this week. Thanks for the info!


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