Shorts Weather!

Please don't hate me, but today I ran in shorts and a sleeveless shirt under sunny skies! The temperature was around 50 degrees. I was chilly at first - the kind of chilly where you keep telling yourself how smart you are for wearing shorts and you so hope that you will be thankful two hours later. I was!

I ran 16 miles with hills added in for fun. After a warm-up, I ran 3/4 mile up and down an over/under pass. The change from the mostly flat trail was nice.

I did a little more hillwork. There's a hill on the mostly flat trail and every time I came to it (every three miles), I sped up. The first time, a speedy runner raced up it and I tried to run as fast as he did. My 'current pace' at the top of the hill was 7:35! Zoom! The next two times I ran up it alone and my 'current pace' was only 8:00. Wanted: hill racers!

I ran behind a blind runner with a guide towards the end of the run. They have to stop a lot because they have to be especially careful when they pass people, making sure there's plenty of room for all on the path. That would be frustrating, but they were the picture of patience - two runners who finally passed the walker and found their running stride again.

Included today were 3 faster miles (8:43, 8:34, 8:34). I saw the pace for those three miles when I got home and I was happy, happy because the goal for those three miles was 8:47 (goal marathon pace). The average pace for the whole run was 9:18/mile.

Photo: Another snow picture taken last Friday at Memorial Park


  1. Well, I don't hate you because it is warm - but only because I spent the morning playing in the snow!! :) It sounds like you had a great run. I hope you find someone to run hills with you.

  2. Um, yea, I do hate you - it was -7 degrees when I woke up this morning so I had to resort to the treadmill. Which is fine, but just makes me hate winter that much more!

    When you go look up my race time for Big Sur, don't die laughing; I had severe leg cramps at mile 18 and puking at mile 20. HOT, WINDY, and HILLY! I walked almost all the last 6 miles - never had that happen before. But soo soo sooooo gorgeous. Unmatched to any others I've ever done and I'd love to do it again!

    Nice job on the fast miles!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! I am planning on running 40-45 miles a week during training and really focusing on tempo runs!

    I love you saying "added in hills for fun", too funny!

  4. Smiling at the "hills for fun."

    So glad you are having nice weather to run in!

  5. Blah, blah, blah, rub it in=) It was only 17 degrees this morning and the low for tomorrow is going to be 10! Ugh! I want warm weather back please! I saw you all had snow! I know that had to be strange.
    Great job on the tempo/hill run! You should be happy, happy!

  6. Yeah, yay for hilly running and yay for being so positive about it. Jen and I ran today with our shorts. I think it was mid 60's breezy, sunny, perfect. Well deserved after all the rainy weather. I ran 7 with no pain in the hip. Hoping i have dodged a bullet. Congrats on your training.

  7. Nope, we don't hate to hear about the shorts/sleeveless top thing. It gives us hope! It reminds us that this nasty arctic blast of cold will soon pass (fingers crossed). Keep up the warm weather reporting and the awesome training! We're hoping for mid-40's this weekend - shorts weather???!!!! :-)

  8. Yeah for sun and shorts in December. It's kind of normal for us but not lately! By the way, my friend ran Big Sur and her best run ever the year before last. It was her favorite race, lots of rolling hills and the goregous red woods!

  9. Yay for hills! And good for you for having some shorts weather. :-)


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