Snow Pic #2

Here's another snowy photo taken Friday beside the running trail. It was fun to run in the snow Friday, but I was glad that the temperature was up in the mid-fifties today. Hello, Shorts!

I ran 12 miles with 7 hard. My goal for the 7 miles was 8:20 (1/2 marathon goal pace). When I ran slower than 8:20, I changed the goal to 8:30. Then I had a good mile so I went back to trying for 8:20. My 7 mile average pace was 8:24. I was glad when that was over!

Here's hoping you meet your speed goals this week!


  1. I still can't believe you got snow!

  2. I love the POWER of changing up my own goals...because it's our schedule, right? Still looks cold there!

  3. Nice Work!! We are loaded with snow here now. There is supposed to be a -16 degree windchill in the morning! YUCK!!!

  4. It's amazing it snowed in Houston. Its really cool if you don't usually get it. It must be beautiful.

  5. you ended up with an excellent pace for those 7 miles - wow! definitely a check on the calendar for completing that workout lady :)


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