Snow Run!

I ran ten miles in the snow today! Afterwards, I was out shopping and saw nearly everyone in Houston out taking pictures of the snow. This is only the third time in the last dozen years or so that it has snowed. Here's a photo of the trail I ran on today.

Today's plan - warm-up, 1 mile at 8:15, drink stop, 2 miles at 8:15, slow jog rest, and 1 mile at 8:15 before a cool-down.

During my warm-up, the snow began to fall. I wanted to say something about it to someone, but the first people I saw were deep in thought. Finally, a runner said something about it to me! Unfortunately, my first words to him were slurred. My lips were numb from the cold! (About 35* with a feels like temp of 27*.)

I only missed my goal for mile 1 by two seconds and then I took a break. When I started my hard two mile part, I had trouble with my new Garmin - it was including that four minute stop where I blew my nose, ate a gel and got a drink with this supposedly fast part of my run!

I just wanted to quit when I figured that out. Before I figured it out, I was running lightning fast to get that average pace down and let me tell you, I was tired! I saw a water fountain. Should I stop there and regroup? Yeah, then I'd be rested. I passed the fountain and kept going. Yes! Keep going!

I tried to make up the time. I ran hard. That first mile with the break included (ugh!) was 8:33. The second mile was 8:22 and there was an extra 0.2 mile at 8:07 because I needed to run a full 2 miles. It's confusing, I know. Summary: I ran two miles with the first and last part fast and a short pity party in the middle.

Then I ran slowly for four minutes (planned) and ran my last hard mile at 8:08. I ran down the trail, feeling like I had not one care in the world with the beautiful, white snow softly falling all around me! A runner smiled and asked me how I was doing. Great! Just great!


  1. Um, wow. You just made running in the snow seem like the best thing ever. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hmmm...precious moments in time that you'll never forget. Sounds like heaven! I can say that since I never have to run in snow!

  3. That sounds like a great run. Snow is near us now (7:30 pm Fri night), I may have to run with snow on the ground Sat. morning, but we will miss seeing it fall.

    Garmin is a love hate relationship. It can be aggravating at times. In fact, when I do track work, I use my Timex Ironman because I always mess up on the Garmin.

  4. Very nice snow run! I have good friends in Houston, they are hating it right now! Nice job today!!!

  5. i ran in the snow yesterday too! for the half of it i was running into the snow and it was pelting me in the face - cold and not very nice! :)

    i was colder than i thought when i finished - i went in a gas station to get a gatorade and tried to say good morning and such to the people working. slurred & slow speech here too!

  6. Sounds like a great run!

    My parents are in Austin and they got a bit of snow the other day too.

  7. Sounds like a nice run - you guys are not supposed to get snow are you? It's a drag when the Auto-Pause is not working on the Garmin - thought you were doing good but then it ruins your pace!!!


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