Gingerbread Gu Run

During my two mile warm-up, I worried that I wouldn't be able to find any speed in my legs today. Last night I taste tested 15 - 20 desserts - part of my job as dessert judge at a church party. Somebody had to do it! ; ) Last week I ran 63 miles, more than ever... Seemed like good reasons for sluggish legs.

After running two warm-up miles, I stopped to eat a vanilla gingerbread Gu. It tasted like cinnamon and pumpkin to me, but it's been awhile since I've eaten gingerbread. I'm glad that I have five more. Update: I ate another gel. It does taste like gingerbread, but because it's a gel (more like a pudding consistency), it reminds me of pumpkin pie rather than a gingerbread cookie. A nice change from the usual flavors!

Okay, tempo run time... In the first mile, I reminded myself that the first one always feels hard and the second one did go a little smoother. Pace for tempo miles 1 & 2: 8:03, 8:06.

I got a quick drink and started off again. I tried to stay close behind a faster runner, but his easy pace was my "I can't run one more step" pace. I slowly lost sight of him. That was helpful, though, so I worked on passing people along the trail. Pace for tempo miles 3 & 4: 8:02, 8:01.

One more quick drink and then I only had two more hard miles to run. It felt like my arms were pumping my legs - my legs were so tired. I was staring at the trail now, but encouraging myself with thoughts of stopping soon, very soon. Pace for tempo miles 5 & 6: 8:06, 7:55.

Then it was time to run home. It was a great 10 mile run!


  1. Great job at pushing through a sluggish start! I had a run like that this morning. Some days it's not so good to push through but on the days it works, it feels so good afterward. What a nice job to have: judging desserts - mmmmmm. I will have to look for the Gingerbread GU's-they sound like a nice flavor change.

  2. Yes, if you ever get the chance, volunteer to be a dessert judge!

    I bought the last Gingerbread Gu that they had at a local running store. Better get them fast if you want them!

  3. Great job on the run! I've never tried the Gingerbread Gu (then again, I'm not running far enough right now to justify Gu). It sounds good though.

  4. wow excellent tempo run! and 63-mile week, whew!

    those vanilla gingerbread gu's are delish to me - sounds like they worked some magic for you too :)

  5. Awesome tempo and congrats on that BIG 63 mile week. 63 is my max too.

  6. Wow, 63 miles, that's huge! I want to be a dessert judge, where can I sign up???

  7. Wow! 63 miles is fantastic! What a great tempo run too! You are going to rock the Houston Marathon!

  8. 63 miles in a week certainly allows you to be a judge at a dessert contest :). Nice 10 miles - way to go!!

  9. Tina,
    you came along right at a perfect time to give me the inspiration i need. After a long last few months fighting an unknown illness, i feel better and am ready to start again. My husband just finished a 40 mile trail run that's held in our foothills and backcountry here, called the 9 trails. That was a big motivator too, watching him train.
    i'll be following you from now on! and trying to keep up!

  10. Lori Ann, that's great! Both that you're feeling better and that you run, too. I didn't know!


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