10 Things

10 Running Things That Make Me Happy...
  1. Gotta Run Now blog readers/friends. : )
  2. My street - I see runners everyday, all of the time. Inspiring!
  3. Pockets and safety-pins. I carry lots of stuff!
  4. Gels. Recent fave - gingerbread GU, but I'm anxious to try my new mint chocolate GU.
  5. Running on a dirt path on a cool day.
  6. Water fountains along the running route.
  7. Running in the snow - it only happened once, so it was exciting.
  8. Finding a Snickers candy in my post-run bag, secretly put there by my husband.
  9. Family and friends calling to ask if I survived the marathon or even won it - the jokers!
  10. A warm cup of cocoa w/peppermint in my cold hands after a chilly run.  
I ran 7.1 miles (9:16/mile ave. pace) today. It was a little chilly at 34 degrees F/ 2 degrees C so I felt tough getting out there! I had cold fingers beneath my gloves, a cold face and watering eyes just pouring tears (from the cold) and I kept hoping that it was warming up if only just a little. And yes, it was exactly 35 when I got home. ; )

Thanks, Suzy, for the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag!


  1. Love your list! Kudos to your huby - a snickers bar is a great surprise. I hope you warm up soon. 35 is the *perfect* cool weather running temp.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great time in Marin/Mill Valley.

  3. Love your list! I may have to do this too.

    I laughed at the running in the snow. That's probably on my sad list. :)

  4. oooohhh I havent tried the gingerbread gu but it sounds great!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the snickers bar from your husband. I would also like to try the gingerbread gu though I am more of a cliff shot person myself!

  6. Love your list!!! It's a happy list and I like that! Hey, Steve had that same Ghirardelli can out this morning to make me an iced mocha! 34 degrees is WAY too cold for Houston-Colorado, ok, but not Houston. We started in 21 this morning. BTW, your food pics always look so nice-are you a professional food photographer??? LOL!!! :-)

  7. A professional food photographer? Yeah, I'm LOL right along with you! : )

  8. I love your secret candy stasher, that's so cute!

  9. gingerbread gu? oooo, i can't wait to try all the new flavors. i have one orange one left so it's time to stock up! LOVE your list. i was pretty excited w/ the snow i got to experience during my last half mile. and oh, i almost facebooked about that coffee mate flavor - peppermint mocha. that is where.it's.at. i look forward to coffee in the AM like never before!

  10. Love your list and what a sweet hubby! My list would include the peppermint mocha too. Running in the snow though would not be on my list, especially because as I type we have around 6 inches of it, AGAIN!

  11. Anonymous1/31/2010

    i got a gingerbread gu from a race a couple months ago and ive been afraid to try it bc it sounded kinda gross, but you're inspiring me to go eat it!

  12. Super great list - especially the secret candy stash from your husband. :)
    Have a great running week!!

  13. Love your list! especially no.8!

  14. Loved your list! It's so great to sit and really think about all those little things that make us happy. Keeps us focusing on all the good things in life!

  15. I LOVE the peppermint creamer as well!


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