3 Days to Go

Today I ran 4.65 miles in shorts in 50 degree drizzly, foggy weather. I ran about six 100 meter (0.06 mile) sprints so that my legs remember what fast is like. Hardly anyone was out running today - tapering, I guess.

In my car today, I sat at a red light around mile 22 on the marathon route. I always feel awful there during the marathon (I've run 4 Houston marathons) - so tired. Maybe this year will be different. The weather forecast looks good for Sunday - mid 40's to mid 60's and sunny. I can wear shorts.

I'm eating more carbs since there are only three days to go, but trying not to eat more food overall. I bought some more cherries (carbs: 0.6 grams per cherry) and I've made a good dent in the basket of clementines (carbs: 5 grams each).

I bought myself a sugary treat, too - one of those little cherry pies (like Hostess, but it's Mrs.Baird's). This pie has 62 carbs in it. Bingo! And look at those ingredients - cherries are listed first! It's nutritious! Double Bingo! ; )


  1. Score on the pie there, girl! Yummy and carb loading!! You're going to do awesome in Houston. Get to mile 22 and just tell that dumb mile that you're not going to let it take control again, never again!! Beat it to death! I will be sending positive vibes your way! Can't wait.

  2. 3 days?! I'm Sooo excited for you!
    You're going to do awesome!

    Ahh, the carbo load. Enjoy!

  3. so, please tell me you are resting tomorrow and sat! you better!!! ;)

    i'm going to be praying for you sunday - to run your best. i can't wait to hear about it. so excited for you! enjoy your cherry treats!

  4. Nice post, Tina. I ran the 18th mile, a hill, of the upcoming marathon and I just gave it a lickin'! If I do the race, I know I conquered it. YOU WILL TOO! I'm so excited for you...

  5. oooh, did you get a fried pie? The best!
    You just tell that mile 22 who's boss, that's what. Go get 'em!

  6. I will be thinking about you on Sunday! I hope you have great weather!

  7. GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you have a SUPER race!

  8. Anonymous1/15/2010

    Good luck on Sunday!! Have a wonderful run and laugh when you get to mile 22 and wonder why you thought you were going to feel bad...because you will feel strong and great!! Happy Marathoning!!


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