Barefoot Running

Just last Saturday, a friend asked me if I ever ran barefoot. Me? No!

Fast forward to this morning. After taking a six day running break because of my hurt ankle, I tried running on the treadmill, but the front of my shoe rubbed against the painful part of my ankle/top of my foot so I took off my shoes and ran barefoot. My foot felt fine.

After a mile, I found my old, retired Asics DS Trainers because they have a lower top, which felt better than my Asics 1140's on my foot. I switched back and forth between the Trainers and barefoot running because I probably need to work into barefoot running gradually. I ran five miles today, which was great, but my ankle hurt just a bit later on.

Last year, I hardly ran during the two weeks before the Houston marathon because of a painful foot (different problem), too. In fact, I was pretty sure I'd be calling my husband to pick me up soon after the marathon started, but I actually finished it after all. If I don't make it to the start line, at least I've had a lot of fun running all of those miles in training. It hasn't been wasted time!

Photo: I received my marathon entry confirmation today.


  1. I need to start incorporating barefoot running. My foot is hurting for the first time ever and I HATE it. Now if the ground would just unfreeze itself...

  2. Uh-oh! Sorry you're having foot pain, too.

  3. I don't think I could even try barefoot running except on the beach. Ouch, too many rocks in the world! Yeah for the marathon!

  4. Hope the ankle feels better!!

  5. Meg~ Yes, the rocks and glass and even the dirt (!) make me not want to give barefoot running a try.

    The Happy Runner~ Thank you! I'm staying hopeful, too.

  6. I haven't tried it, but I think I need my cushion although I have read the articles that swear that I do not. Hmm!

  7. all i can say is your attitude ROCKS! you are so encouraging to me and i am learning so much from you! praying your foot gets better in the next 8 days!


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