Houston Expo

I picked up my race packet and t-shirt at the expo and was surprised to walk right up to a presentation of elite racers. I found a spot just behind the news cameras and got a few good pics myself. There's a shot of Shalane Flanagan and Brett Gotcher speaking. They were all so glad to be here in Houston and excited about Sunday.

My expo bag is stuffed with goodies - Larabars, granola bars, peanuts (I'll take a few of those in my race bag for after the marathon) and enough reading material to keep me occupied all winter.

I think I saw the new finisher's shirts, at the top of the escalators where you pick up your packet. The shirt I saw was dark blue. I'm glad that they went back to the old tech fabric. Last year they used a fabric that's like cotton that I don't like as well as the usual tech fabric.

I was in and out in an hour, but I didn't go down every aisle like usual. Parking was easy. I parked on the street a couple of blocks away from the expo and it only cost 75 cents for an hour.


  1. I have been following your training for months now. You have put in all the hard miles, the weather sounds great, go for it girl. Think of all your blogger friends in miles 18-26 and know we are sending strong thoughts your way. 3:50 - YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. GO TINA, I remember first meeting you through your blog last summer and you had this race on your list and now it's here! You've put in so much training and now you're ready to rock. I can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun, fun, fun!

  3. Good Luck on your race. :)

  4. I'm going to the Expo today! Can I ask how early you expect to get there in the morning or any secret tips on where to park? Parking in the morning is my only concern at this point.

    Good Luck tomorrow!

  5. Those are great questions! I'll stop by your blog and write a new post with my answers, too. : )


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