Houston Marathon Video

Update: I added finish line video at the end of this post.

I wore the CamBall  video camera on the side of my visor. The video begins just before we start and ends as we run up over a bridge.

I could hardly feel the CamBall on my visor and I'm glad I wore it. The battery lasted an hour.

In this Finish Line Video, I'm the runner on the right side wearing a pink top who is raising her arms for a really, really long time!


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  2. I saw at least two helicopters overhead at the start of the race. Maybe three. Probably for the news. We were famous yesterday!

  3. The previous comments are about the CamBall video.

    Later in the afternoon, I added the finish line video link.

  4. I really liked the videos! The "girl in pink" was so cute crossing the finish line and she looked totally fresh and ready for more! Thanks for sharing those, they got me excited for my race!

  5. i LOVE the finish line video! what a great marathon! you look so releived/excited! i watched both views. it's fun to see some runners hugging! it gives me motivation to get ONE done! i hope and pray this is the year!

  6. That's really cool!! I want one...

  7. Love your videos and your blog! And you looked SO GOOD crossing that finish line... Like you could keep going! Awesome job!


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