Picked Fruit!

The grocery store had an after-holiday sale today. In my hands, I held discounted Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and gingerbread cookie dough, a can of Tootsie rolls and a bag of white chocolate chips, but somehow I resisted. I put it all back where it belonged, and instead I bought a pound of healthy, anti-oxidant rich cherries.

My ankle is still sore so I didn't run, but I did some floor exercises - leg lifts, core stuff, etc. Normally, I'd probably skip the extra exercising during taper time, but things aren't normal since I'm not running.


  1. Congrats on making the healthy choice. Smart!

  2. I haven't had cherries in so long. I forgot how good they are!

  3. I normally have a queen sized sweet tooth so your initially picked goodies sounded good - but after the holidays, my sweet tooth is about worn out - great choice on the cherries - they sound delicious right now!

  4. Yumm! Cherries! So healthy. I've been trying to stay away from the cookies, so hard! Happy tapering, still!!
    I hope your foot is doing well!

  5. My mouth is watering - cherries sound FAR better than the cookies I just ate. Good for YOU!!!! Hang in there and pamper that ankle. :)

  6. what the heck?!? you put me to shame ;) way to go!

  7. I was reading this thinking, "Wow, she's not going to eat all that" - as I was eating a large piece of dark chocolate myself!! That's great you found cherries in January...they are actually better than that other stuff - except for my dark chocolate. :)

  8. mmmm! have fun indulging yourself with those gorgeous cherries! hoping your ankle heals up fast with the rest. :)


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