Running With My Dog

This morning, I didn't have any lingering marathon soreness, but my arms were sore from yesterday's Fitnessista Winter Shape Up workout. I put on my shorts and Houston 2010 marathon finisher's top. I was surprised I didn't see anyone else wearing their shirt on the running trail at Memorial Park. I thought there would be a mass of us and we could high-five eachother. ; )

I ran with our Weimaraner today. Zoe didn't pull on her Gentle Leader collar today, but she stepped on my ankle once (ouch!) and I nearly tripped over her twice. At least I didn't fall! We were okay with right turns, but turning left? Not so much! It only took one near-fall to learn that she needs a 'going left' warning!

So, Sunday I ran in the Houston marathon. Monday, I walked 20 minutes. Tuesday and Wednesday, I walked 4 miles. Friday, I ran 1/2 a mile. But today, today I ran five miles at 10:08/mile pace. I don't usually feel quite this good after a marathon!

I'm behind on adding all of my meals to Fit Day, where I'm keeping track of what I eat. I want to see if I'm getting enough protein and vitamins. As of right now, I'm four meals and one frozen yogurt snack behind.


  1. Try not to push the running too soon; your body will heal a lot better if you give it time, depsite how good you feel. A woman I used to work with (Maureen Roben) has run an astonishing 4 Olympic Marahton Trials and used to make me take a mandatory 2-weeks off *gasp*. I'd make it a week off then a slow week after that :). Anyway, glad you're feeling good and I want that yogurt - yum! :)

  2. But two weeks is such a long time!

  3. I have no idea about marathon rest and recovery, but wow it seems soon. I do love that you ran with your dog. We're thinking about getting a dog and one of our requirements is that it is a big enough dog to run with us.

  4. I usually take a solid week off after a marathon, slightly less for a half unless it is part of the training leading up to a marathon. I am especially careful about racing after a marathon too soon as that is what led to the only serious running injury I have had. Good luck on your recovery!

  5. Zoe is SO cute! Maybe practice makes perfect when running with her mom???
    Get some good rest in - I agree with Jill - I used to take 5 to 7 days completely off following a hard mt bike race b/c there was probably a hard build up prior. Your body will thank you by not burning out or becoming injured! And YUM, that frozen yogurt looks great!

  6. i bet it felt great wearing that houston marathon finishers shirt!

  7. That yogurt looks awesome! As for rest, I generally take a week off for a full. Since I was running the 1/2 I still took the week off from running but rode my bike and did some swimming instead.

  8. I usually wait until the following Wednesday to run after a marathon. I guess that is bad??? I only run two or three miles very slowly to losen up.

    I love running with my dog too!


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