A Well-balanced Diet?

I signed up at Fit Day, where you can keep track of what you eat. It took some patience to input everything I ate yesterday, but that will get easier since there's a "recent foods" search I can use. I guess it's good incentive to not mindlessly eat! Do any of you use an online nutritional program that you like?

For the Houston marathon last Sunday, I didn't actually count the carbohydrates I ate three days before the marathon, I just put forth an effort to eat more of them. Next time, I'd like to.

I tried some Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese on my sandwich instead of mayonnaise today. The cheese has half the fat of mayo and it tastes good - a good substitute.

After walking on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I finally ran today. It was only a half a mile as a warm-up before I did some strength training exercises, but it was a good, painless run. I think I'm almost completely over Sunday's marathon soreness.


  1. I don't use an online program, per se, but I do write down my intake, particularly when I'm training for a marathon (but have to admit I have fallen off this little task lately). I used to have a trainer that did all the nutrition for me but I no longer have that so will have to be better about watching it. Happy Weekend!!! :)

  2. I love Laughing Cow cheese, I usually buy one wheel of each flavor but the original is my favorite. Ok, so I keep cracking up with your comments regarding me still having time...I love it because that's where I am mentally! Every second of every day and night, I'm one step closer to healing up and getting better and stronger so I see it that way too! You are so positive and encouraging. THANKS TINA! Two more days...well, a little less actually.

  3. My daughter bought that Laughing Cow Swiss cheese when she was home for Christmas and I am hooked!
    I also keep track of what I eat. I have always done Weight Watchers and keep track of points.

  4. I won't be using Fitday all of the time, just every once in awhile. It's time-consuming, but it will be helpful during taper time.

    I think I've read that you can use the cheese as a base for a noodle sauce. The Laughing Cow comments are kind of funny because I only mentioned the cheese because I needed a photo.

    Just think, we might have been talking about my bottle of vitamins right now! Nah, I doubt it!

  5. Hi Tina, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello.

    Really enjoyed reading through your blog. For today's topic, I have used the Weight Watchers online tracker, but now mostly scribble it all on paper.

  6. I LOVE the light Laughing cow cheese, so yummy. (Note: Sam's Club has a great deal on a 3 pack - it's a lot of cheese, but it lasts a long time)

  7. costco has laughing cow cheese, too. 3 packs i believe for a pretty nice price.

    wow. you amaze me - all.the.time. so glad your soreness is gone!

  8. I am pretty much a creature of habit so I don't log my food as it's fairly similar day to day. Boring, I know. Dark chocolate is always a component!!! :-) Glad you're recovering well. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  9. I've been using Calorie King for the past year...it's so helpful! Turned out I was eating way too much sugar.


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