Cookies and 12 Miles

This weekend, I made red velvet cookies. Just like finishing a good long run, by the time I was done, I had almost forgotten the little difficulties I had in completing them.

I made the cookie tops and bottoms on Friday, getting red cake batter everywhere. Then on Saturday I filled the cookies with cream. I cut out paper hearts and sprinkled powdered sugar on top, too.

I might make them again someday, but in a different flavor - one not involving red dye - and I need to work on my circle technique. Half of the cookies weren't circles or even ovals, but that's okay because the recipe only made enough frosting for half of the cookies. These were messy, but they were unique and it was fun sharing them at our church lunch.

I ran 12 miles this morning in shorts. I'm sorry about the shorts ; ) -not trying to make everyone jealous!

My splits: 9:37, 9:14, 8:59, 8:59, 8:56, 8:57, 8:50, 8:55, 8:38, 8:34, 9:50, 9:36. Average pace - 9:06/mile. There was some wind and a few easy hills I pushed through to stay on pace.

I ate a gel at miles 4 and 8. I tried Jet Blackberry Gu today. It tastes slightly bitter to me. Maybe it's the 2x the caffeine it contains.

I was trying for negative splits and seeing them as I finished most of the miles made me a happy runner. That's one thing I like about running -  sometimes all it takes to make me happy is speeding up a little. If only that's all I had to do to solve all of my problems! And if only I could always speed up!

I added this later... I can't believe I forgot to post about my post-run ice bath. As I was stepped in I was writing my blog post in my head... The hardest part of my 12 mile run was the ice bath, well really it was mostly just a cold water bath today. Very cold!

There - didn't I say that you forget the hard stuff once a good run is finished?!


  1. Sounded like a great run! And, those are great splits to! I want a cookie! mmmm! ;)

  2. those cookies look delicious! nice job on the 12-miler. i am def jealous on the shorts (it's supposed to snow again later today/tomorrow, argh!) i'm moving to florida darn it :)

  3. Those cookies look amazing - yummy!!! I think I'll google a recipe and make some for my daughter and her new (and first - she's 19, a freshman in college) boyfriend. I can't make too many cuz I'll eat them all and I'm hording some excess body fat right now that I don't need. ugh. Anyway, just rambling away...yea for your run, that's great! And the ice bath is heavenly, huh!??!! Happy Monday!

  4. Now I'm jealous - home made cookies AND shorts? Nice. Good job on the neg splits.

  5. ahhhhh!!!! i want to take a bite of one right now. they look delish! i'm sure everyone enjoyed the sweet and so cute treat!

    i've been looking for the jet blackberry everywhere and no one has it down here. i did get my hands on the mintchoc GU - wow!!!

    awesome run as always!

  6. Thanks for noticing my new photo on my blog header. I also liked the feedback on the book I just read.
    Those cookies look like a ton of work but yum! I do like how running makes you happy very simply. Today I had a "happy" run for many reasons!

  7. Yum, the cookies look great!

  8. Brrr...I've had to give up ice baths for the winter, even after my marathon. I just couldn't do it. Too much shivering.
    Yumm, please send me some cookies! Are they for Valentine's Day?

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog...I also love to run and to bake. :) Those cookies look delicious! I love that you did the hearts on top!

  10. Meg, I made the cookies for a special lunch we had at church yesterday, but I had Valentine's Day on my mind. : )

  11. Yum, yum, yum - you must know I have a sweet tooth???!!! Lovely "professional food photo" again (smile) - are those your real cookies??? Awesome! I'm glad you were able to wear shorts - at least some of you can comfortably wear shorts this time of year. I became hypothermic when I read about the ice bath immersion - brrrrr - none for me during the winter - I wouldn't thaw out till mid summer!!!
    Keep up your great work!
    PS-Have you read any of Beth Moore's books???

  12. I'm glad you and Meg said that you skip ice baths in the winter. They are worse this time of year then - I'm not just turning into a weakling! ; )

    I haven't read Beth's books, but she does lead a Bible study at a local church.

    And, yes, those are my cookies - the only round ones in the bunch!

  13. Love the cookies, sooo cute! I agree about the ice baths in the winter too. Brrrr!

  14. Those cookies sound wonderful! I am planning on making red velvet cupcakes! Yummy!

    Sounds like a great run, and in shorts...geez!

  15. I forget whose blog I saw it on but she made a red velvet cake using beets to get the red color.

  16. Yeah, I think that's the way cooks tinted food years ago, and some still do.

  17. Those look so good!


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