Hello Hills!

I ran 6 miles today. After a 2 mile warm-up, I ran up and down some hills - something I haven't done since the Houston Marathon.

It wasn't very structured hillwork. When I got to a hill, up I went. Sometimes I rested on the downhills and sometimes I pushed hard and only rested on the level trail.

It wasn't long before I was running up the very last of the ten hills. What a feeling of accomplishment I had - it's good to run hard! I got a drink and ran two miles home.

Then it was time to stretch, eat and ice. My insides were warm from my banana walnut oatmeal, but my knees were chilly beneath my frozen bags of peas. Brr!


  1. Hills must be the blog of choice today, I wrote about hills, too :). They hurt so much but feel so good, huh?? I like frozen peas, too. Ones from Whole Foods just work so much better than regular stores. Haha. Happy Thursday!

  2. Are you icing your knees as a precaution or are you having some soreness? I've often wondered if I should ice pain or none.
    LOVE hills. it hurts so good!

  3. The ice is a preventative measure. I don't have any pain. I'm just being careful. : )

  4. Nice job! I like to do free-form hills, too.

  5. Nice!! It is rewarding to have run hard! Great run!

  6. Great run! I am looking forward to running hard again, one day soon, I hope. In the mean time, my long run this weekend will be on hills. That will be it for now.

  7. Sounds like you are starting to get ready for Big Sur!

  8. Thanks for finding my blog! I liked reading yours and will keep checking in. Glad you had a good run!


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