Slowing Down

Somebody is Watching Me!
After a leg workout at home, I ran 7 slow miles. I had planned a track workout, but I was too sore. After running in the chilly 36 degrees, I made cocoa. While the milk heated up on the stove, I stretched. By the time I was through, my milk was just right.

Just Me and My Dog on a Run
The last time I made cocoa after a long run, I left my milk to heat up in the microwave and checked the hot water in my bath (I usually finish off a long run with a cold bath, but not that day). When I got back to my milk, it was too hot. Then when I got back to the bath, it was too hot, too.

In too much of a hurry, I skipped getting out a spoon and poured the powder into my cup which came out too fast and spilled onto the floor and my shoes. Sometimes you're faster when you slow down. ; )


  1. How true. Now if I could only remember that lesson in my life maybe I would get more things done instead of re-done.

  2. Hi Tina,
    I am glad that you had a nice 7 mile run:) The hot cocoa sounds so good...sorry about the mess:) We have all been there.....trying to be speedy with no luck!! Happy Wednesday:)

  3. The best races I've run are the ones I slowed down for at the beginning. Thanks for the reminder. Sorry about your cocoa :/.

  4. Nice object lesson! I'll "try" to remember it!

  5. What a face!!! It just says
    "P-L-E-A-S-E Mom, take me with you!"

  6. Mmmmm... chocolate milk... love it! I like the pictures and captions, too.


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