Sunny Speedwork

I ran to the Memorial Park track for speedwork and I only missed my speedwork goal by a tiny bit this morning! And that's why I finally have an excuse to post a pic of this cute, tiny car  - tiny car, tiny miss. ; )

Let the speedwork begin! 2000m x 3 with a 10K pace goal (7:52/mile):
1st: 7:53/mile pace. Easiest, but not easy. 3 min break.
2nd: 7:58/mile pace. Hard! 5 min break helped on next one.
3rd: 7:49/mile pace. Happy that my last one was the best.
Total Miles- 7.5. (By the way, I put my training calendar at the bottom of my blog.)

During my warm-up, I ran between two dogs when one of them lunged towards the other and his owner yelled at him. There wasn't a fight, but my lips were pulled into my mouth afterwards - holding in a scream, I think. Got my adrenaline going! : O

We had temps in the forties and I did my speedwork in shorts and a short sleeve shirt! At the water fountain, I poured cold water on my hot arms! Spring is coming, Friends!


  1. Hi Tina,
    Wow, great workout with some speedy splits:) I wish it was 40 degrees would be so nice to run in warmer weather. I think my van read 23 this morning. Funny about the dogs:) Have a great day Tina!!

  2. Your training calendar is blank - you therefore have an easy week ahead of you :). hahaha. I like updating my training calendar for everyone and because it emails me my schedule for the day first thing in the a.m. Very fun. I love that itty bitty car and your itty bitty times for speedwork - woohoo! Happy Thursday :).

  3. Thanks letting me know that I needed to fix my calendar!

  4. Cute car, I would love one of those! I'm so happy you didn't get hurt by the dueling puppies, that is so scary! Nice run, by the way!!

  5. Great job on the speedwork!

  6. my neighbors have a car like that - it is so cute and tiny!

    way to work the speed!

  7. Super speedy! I know that "holding-in-a-scream" feeling. Seems there have been more dogs roaming about here lately. Yikes!

  8. Love those cars, but I don't think a car seat would fit (or in my case, two car seats!). It's supposed to be pretty warm on Saturday too!

  9. Super workout!! I love the track!

  10. Shorts, drinking fountains... I can't wait for winter to be over. I think we are still very far away here in Minnesota, so I will live vicariously through you.

  11. How fabulous to run in shorts! And it's always a great feeling to run that last one the fastest. Way to go!!

  12. Hi Tina, I was just scrolling through your blog. The picture of the car, is that a Smart? I love those cars. They are quite popular in large cities in Europe. I was hoping to rent one but they didn't have it. Bummer.

  13. Yes, it's a Smart car. I'm still not used to seeing them - they almost look like toys to me. : )


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