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What I Saw at the Museum

Friday morning, my goal was to run 7 of my 11 miles at an 8:30-9:00/mile pace, but you never know... After five miles and a water/gingerbread GU gel stop, I ran over to the bridge/hilly part of my running route. So far, I'd been able to run at my goal pace, but now I was adding hills.

Running up and down the hills was more interesting than running on the flat path I'd started on. I powered up the hills reminding myself to look up. I powered down the hills, staying in control, but not holding myself back and working against gravity. I finished smiling! It feels good to finish something hard! 

I ran 2 warm-up miles, 7 miles at an 8:36/mile average pace and 2 cool-down miles, getting an average pace of 8:58/mile pace for the whole run. I'm getting used to hills, but these are just small hills - not Big Sur hills so I'm a little anxious. Since I'm not running Big Sur expecting to PR, that takes the pressure off, though. I just need to finish the Big Sur marathon!

Later on Friday, my husband and I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science where we watched the Hubble Space Telescope IMAX 3D movie. It was great. God created such an amazing universe. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up! ; )

And to top that great day off, my daughter called to say the Reese's Pieces peanut butter cookies and strawberry cupcakes that I baked for her on Tuesday arrived. And after hearing from her, I feel better! No, she hasn't been sky-diving or anything like that. Well, not that I know of, anyway! I'm just a mom and I worry sometimes. You know how that goes!


  1. Great job on your run, Tina! You are so structured and disciplined - I really admire that. I think you will surprise yourself at Big Sur - don't be too anxious or sell yourself short. From what I remember about driving that portion of Hwy 1, is that although it is somewhat hilly, it flows well.

    The Museum of Natural Science sounds great and you are right - God has created an awesome universe-everywhere you look, you can see the touch of a master Artist. Incredible! Have a great weekend!

  2. I agree, you are so disciplined!!

    The museum sounds like fun! God is good to give us all these wonderful things to see and enjoy!

  3. I do know how it feels to worry about kids that are away. My son would flip out if I sent him bakedgoods, I just sent him cans of Pringles and Easter candy...oh well.
    We had dinner with our friends who are running Big Sur last night! She's done it before and is super excited. I think that the hills are just something to be aware of, I'm sure you're ready for them though! Nice job running!

  4. Are those reeces pieces cookies hard to make? Is there a recipe somewhere? My daughter would love those too. Glad she got them! I love sending packages with surprises!

  5. To make the Reese's Pieces peanut butter cookies, I just added the candy pieces to a peanut butter cookie recipe. Easy!

  6. What a great day! That's an awesome pace! Seems like you felt good with it! Glad you got to talk to your daughter! I had a great weekend with my whole family last weekend-all five kids and 10 nieces and nephews went to my parent's house! :)


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