16 Mile Run & Roll Catching

Happiness is completing a 16 mile run at your goal pace on a beautiful morning! I stayed close to a bridge to get some hillwork in. Since my hills were short ones, I picked up the pace to make them harder. Sometimes I checked my pace on the hills and was pleasantly surprised. : )

 Except for the 2 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down, I kept my pace between 8:30 and 9:00/mile (that was my goal) and my pace for the 16 miles was 8:51/mile. I stopped at the water fountain every two miles and ate a GU gel every four miles. I think the cool, but not cold, weather (45-50*) helped make this a great run. Plus, it was a shorts day!

This weekend, we ate at Potato Patch because we heard they throw your dinner rolls to you. Here's the roll thrower throwing a steaming hot roll to a customer...

I caught mine without any trouble (I heard someone yell out "It's a two hander" and maybe that helped me!), but a friend told us about a customer who reached for a thrown roll, fell back in his chair onto the floor and seconds later stood back up with the roll in his hand! Saved the roll! : )


  1. Awesome time! That sounds like such a fun restaurant...my kids would love it!

  2. Great pace on your run!

  3. Great run! We have Lamberts here in Missouri and they are famous for their rolls and throwing them at you. I love going there when we go to Springfield!

  4. Great job on your run! Extra bonus is it being a shorts day - me too!!!
    :-) The restaurant sounds like a happy time!

  5. Sounds like a fun restaurant. Great meeting goal pace for 16 miles. That is awesome!

  6. You are running such great training paces!! Congrats! I love those roll throwing places, fun, it's been awhile.

    I can't stop making the granola! It's going to be a weekly thing.... :) And the no-bakes were great too!

    I follow Hal Higdon's advanced II marathon training but have also used a others over the years, that tends to be my throw-back, but I am game for new plans to attempt.

  7. You beat me again this week, lol. I had 12 @ 9:06 avg pace and it was a flat run. Good for you! Go Girl!

  8. You are ready for your marathon, Tina. Great job! You have really been working hard on your pace and just look at you move, wow! It won't be long...

  9. Sounds like a really fun restaurant! You're so ready for B.S. and going to do awesome, nice work on the hills and the long run!!! :)

  10. If you did not catch the roll? Where would it land? Just curious? Yet, any eating establishment that makes eating an athletic event - I am there. How fun. Well, as long as they are fresh rolls - not sure I want something a few days old thrown at me. Might hurt?

    Good luck at Big Sur. THIS is my marathon TO DO some day. Yeah yeah Boston, Boston, NYC, NYC - Big Sur in 2011 is my goal. Can't wait to read how you do on the hills there. My most favorite spot on earth - Central Cali Coast!


  11. Yes, it's going to be a beautiful vacation!

    The roll thrower would have thrown me another hot roll if I'd have dropped mine on the ground. No worries, not really!

  12. what a FUN place! and i'm SO happy for you and how awesome your 16 mile run went! that has got to be a high that lasts all week!! i can't wait to see your pics from the race. we went there 16 mos. ago and it was just a slice of heaven. just breathtaking!


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