7 Yassos

Yesterday, I had a cup of tea and read a book. A few years ago, our family drove from Texas to Tennessee to go hiking in the Smoky Mountains and this tea cup was my souvenir.

This morning - time for Yasso's! First I warmed up for a couple of miles on the park path.

 Three weeks ago, I ran 2 out of 6 800's at my goal pace of 7:40/mi, and this time I ran 4 out of 7 at my goal pace. Exactly on every other 800, I slowed down, like my body was coming up with it's own little rest plan.

Memorial Park Track

 I took the pictures on a cloudy day, but today it was sunny and I ran in shorts, thinking fast thoughts.

I can run faster. I can run faster. I can run faster.

Because I trained for this. I trained for this. I trained for this. : )


  1. Nice Job!!!! The Smokey Mountains are beautiful! I went there several years ago with my Mom and Dad and I remember driving deep into the mountains and our brakes smoking from the constant pumping, driving down those big mountains!!!

  2. I love your mantra and you amazing attitude. You always encourage and inspire me!!! Thanks for being you :).

  3. Speed work...ugh! I have been struggling with mine lately. My stern pep talks with myself are not working!

  4. Great chanting! Sounds like it worked.

  5. Glad you were able to get out and have a great workout. Amazing how the body responds to the various drills. Have a great weekend!

  6. Good job on the Yasso's. 800's are tough work.


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