Big Trees, Big Miles

First, you walk across this lane, covered with tree branches from only two trees! Have you ever seen such a grand restaurant drive-thru lane?

Then you find a table to eat at underneath one of the trees. 

You look up in amazement at all of the branches overhead.

The sign says the trees are over 400 years old.

Then you enjoy your delicious, grilled chicken sandwich and the scenery and wonder why you don't eat there more often.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Beck's Prime on Westheimer, Houston

This morning it was 60* and the rain cooled me off. My goal was to keep my hill running as fast as the rest of the run. Turns out, the hillwork was the fastest part - thanks to the downhills!

My shoe tongue rubbed one of my ankles raw. When I stopped at the 5 mile mark for a TriBerry Gu gel (Gu at mile 10, too) and saw blood on my ankle, I tucked the shoe tongue underneath my shoe laces. Problem solved! (I'll try to adjust the tongue later, but these shoes are about ready for retirement anyway, with almost 400 miles on them.) Other than being tired in the last couple of miles, it was a good 18 mile run (9:24/mile pace). 


  1. ouch!!! that sounds so painful. :( i hope it heals fast so it won't re-open.

    wow wow wow! when i get back to houston i want to see that rest. with the trees! amazing, beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, thanks, but it doesn't hurt any more. I should have written that. My legs are kind of sore from the long run, but no pain. : )

  3. That's a really pretty view...and the sandwich looks awesome!! Glad you fixed your shoe issue, that can be so annoying!! Thanks, too, for all your continued support on my blog; you're absolutely the best!!

  4. That is a REAL good looking sandwich. Between that and 60 degree weather almost makes a road trip sound good...

  5. Yeah, y'all come on down to Texas!

  6. Awesome run at a great pace!!!

  7. Nice 18 mile pace!

  8. Grrr, I do not like shoe issues! Yummy sandwhich and a gorgeous place for a picnic!

  9. Great 18 Miler!

    That looks like a great place to have a picnic. My daughter would love it.

  10. Hi Tina,
    Wow, it looks like you had a very nice 18 mile run:) Great pictures of some gorgeous trees! I can't wait for the 60 degree runs:)

  11. Love those trees! What a great day for a run and awesome that you ran the hills the fastest, way to go! I need to train like that!

  12. What a great run! I just retired a pair of shoes as well. I am always sad to see them go after so many miles together!


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