Hill Workout

Hills today! I ran over to them (a two mile warm-up) and then did about four miles of hills. I ran up and down and back again, running on level ground for breaks, stopping for water and to take a picture of the bluebonnets (TX state flower) - will post one later.

I looked up towards the top of the hill when I ran uphill, rather than at the ground. I think that helped me to run straighter, not hunched over. I got the idea from the Cool Running forum thread I started reading before my run. Another perk to looking up is that the scenery changed at least a little when I looked up.

I started feeling tired and hot, checked my Garmin and saw that it was time to run home already. Suddenly, I felt much better. Hill workout and 8.5 mile run completed! : )

Photo: Even on an overcast day, these azaleas brighten the view outside my bedroom window.


  1. Awsome workout!!!! I hate the hills, but always feel so great when I am done. :)

  2. My track coach always said the same thing - look at the top of the hill.

    Love those azaleas!

  3. Great workout! I can't wait to try that strategy of looking up next time I run hills!

  4. great hill workout! I skipped my hill work out and just did the miles on a flat course!

  5. Okay next hill I am looking up!

  6. You'll never regret your hill running, super job!

  7. my route here is so hilly. when i look down too much, i feel it in my lower back. ouch! when i look up, the hills go by fast! crazy, huh?! ;) good job on getting it done. it must be getting warm there?

  8. Yeah, it was 60 and a little humid today, but tomorrow is supposed to be less humid, with rain. As long as there isn't lightning, that's better than when it's humid. And then the weekend is supposed to be really nice. : )

  9. Hi Tina,
    Way to bust and move up those hills:) Nice work...hills make you stronger!

  10. You are so good! Keep up all your great work. I love the pic of the azaleas and green!!!!! We won't see any green or color for another month or so. I kind of forget what those things look like - thanks for reminding me! :-) Hey, I was paging through my new cookbook and it has some lovely food photos - they made me think of you!!! :-)

  11. You are a hill machine these days! I too look up at the top of the hill, but had no idea that it would actually be helpful!


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