Shoe Tags

Yesterday I blogged that my cell phone # is on my shoe tag. I meant to write that I had my husband's cell phone # on my shoe tag. But today while lacing up for my run, I noticed that I actually do have my cell phone # on my shoe tag. My husband and I traded numbers a few months ago and I never updated my shoe tag with his cell #. 

I'm picturing me unconscious in an ambulance and emergency personnel calling the number on my shoe tag and the phone in my pocket ringing!

On today's easy 6 miler, I added in some slow and easy hills and some fast sprints at the end. I had to take one of my new socks off 1/2 mile from home because the rough toe seam was rubbing my toe raw. As soon as I got the sock off, my toe was fine. Glad it was a short run!

Carrot Cake Cupcake from Crave Cupcakes

My husband and I made a cupcake stop last night. : ) Speaking of cupcakes, have you heard what Meg Runs is doing? Sounds like fun, but please don't tell the birthday girl! ; )


  1. That is pretty funny - good thing you checked your tag :)

  2. I should get a tag...good idea. I probably would have put my phone number on there too, ha. Those bamboo sox are great for me. Pay the money, that's what I decided.

  3. Yea, this A.D.D. girl would totally do something like that with the phone! And I promise to be quiet around the birthday girl :). I just pray that cupcake lands on my tastebuds!!!! Yum!

  4. I spit my water out laughing thinking about your cell phone ringing!

    That cupcake looks so yummy!!

  5. Hilarious! Good thing that hasn't happened because the EMT guys may find it hard to treat you while trying not to laugh. Ha ha!

  6. Yum! That cupcake looks delicious. I have to go check out Meg's post. LOL at the phone. That could be me.

  7. Yum I'm craving a cupcake now! I need to get some road ID, one of these days I've got to do it!

  8. I'm glad that we can laugh thinking about the phone ringing in your pocket and that it didn't really happen. That cupcake looks yummy... now I'm hungry. :)


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