Train Hard

Today's goal: run 6 of my 12 miles at 1/2 marathon pace (for a 1:50 finish - 8:20 - 8:23/mi). I broke the 6 miles up with a 5 minute slow run after 3 miles. I did have two slower miles, but four of the miles were fast enough to get me an average pace of 8:22 for the 6 miles!

Here's how I made it through those 6 tough miles... I told myself to lift my legs and the rest of me would follow. Played catch up to the runner ahead of me. Played count down the tenths of miles on my Garmin. Looked at people. Ignored people. Sorry, people! Actually, I did say hi to someone! And smiled at someone else. : ) Remembered the line at the top of my blog: train hard. And before I reached the point of "I can't run another step", the hard part was over and I could run easy. : ) What thoughts get you through the tough miles?

I had to stop more often for water today. Temp: 70F/21C and humid, but mostly overcast. It was a shorts day! ; ) Of course, but I'm looking for the positive! No more gloves! No more freezing through my warm-up!

One long run and one easy run to go this week and then it's 2 week taper time for the Big Sur marathon!

Photo: bike trail along Memorial Drive where I ran 6 miles yesterday


  1. Love your mental game to get your pace faster at the end, I will have to try that as I always struggle mentally with this type of a run! Yay, taper time almost here...I can't wait for Big Sur for you, you are going to have a blast! Totally #1 marathon that I ever did!!! (well, aside I had a lot of issues that day. ha).

  2. Your marathon is getting so close! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT run!

  4. I know that guilty feeling of not saying hi to people because I'm in the zone but it just happens! For the past year, I've worked on NOT thinking at all while I'm in the hardest parts of my tempo. Truly, I just look at my watch and let myself ONLY beaware of personal safety but not necessarily worrying or anything. Just aware. Then, I just make myself zone out and relax into my stride. This has changed my running because I used to start fretting, getting negative and stressing out with my elevated heart beat, etc. Now I just r-e-l-a-x. This is NOT an easy place to be, it takes a lot of concentration and I can rarely hold it for more than a few miles at a time before I start "thinking" again. It's a process for me...
    You are going to LOVE Big Sur, I really wish I could cheer you and my friend Linda on!

  5. Big Sur is at the very top of my wish list for marathons! Have you done it before? Have fun and good luck!!!!

  6. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has to concentrate to keep up the pace!

    It will be my first Big Sur marathon! My 7th marathon! So excited!

  7. I love all of your mental games to make it through. Good job! Yeah for taper time!

  8. Great pace! Congratulations! Have fun at Big Sur!

  9. i LOVE how you wrote what goes through your mind to keep you going. i am learning more about the mental side of pushing past my comfort zone. :)
    taper - not far away! YEAH!!

  10. love your new blog look and that's such a great mantra in your banner!

  11. Thanks, Much Ado! It's fun to update my blog a bit every now and then!

    Thanks, everybody, for all of your encouraging words! You're so supportive!

  12. Tapering is a magic word because it means that all the tough work is done. Good luck on the Big Sur.

  13. Nice work! 8:22 for 6 miles is excellent!

  14. Tina!! Your post is so inspiring and also one we can relate to!!! I'm so excited for your BIG SUR Run!!!!! My Houston friend is running a full-on marathon run sunday in Dallas! I'm so awe-struck! Tina.. keep on running! Chin up and keep breathing!!!

  15. thoughts that get me through vary
    Run tall...helps my form so I run easier
    You can do it
    You've done this before
    I think of movies of elites running, like Kara or Deena.


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